Tuesday, May 20, 2008

10 More Sleeps In Our Apartment =)

We have only 10 more sleeps until we move into our new place (well that is what we are on schedule for at this time). We are both soooo excited! Seriously, the first thing John said when he woke up this morning was "Yes, its Tuesday...one day closer to our new house"...haha! The packing is going well. This weekend is lots of packing and also some studying for me. The weekend that just past my Mom and Donald came up to visit. It was a fantabulous weekend!! Friday night we hit up the Shoe Shop for nachos and beverages. Saturday I had to work council but the girlies made it fun with lots of laughs all day long and a great lunch at the restaurant 44 North in the Marriott Hotel. That evening my mom and I went dress shopping for the 3rd and final time. She had a bit of trouble finding a dress she really loved...it was either on back order or she had changed her mind. Anyways, the dress she found is stunning! It looked so great on her! just perfect! Then we went to the mall for a bit and then went to Aunt Nancy & Bob's for supper. Sunday was a trip out to the house....it was Mom & Donald's first visit and they were really excited. We brought a few beer and cracked them open on the deck (we were the first to have a beer on our deck). Then we went into Falmouth to check out the winery for some decorating ideas and then on to the Spitfire where they had the famous fish and chips and I settled on being good with a sandwich and salad. We also went out to New Ross for a visit which was a lot of fun! Although after a few drinks John was dared to jump into the pool and swim a lap for $20 which he, being John, was totally up for the dare! May 17th...a little chilly for a swim if you ask me...especially at around 6-7 in the evening! Monday we spent most of the day shopping for furniture/appliances and then on to Dartmouth Crossing!
It was a great weekend! Now we are on a serious countdown and this weekend coming is the very last weekend we will have in this apartment! WOOOOOHOOOO! I am so sick of this place! haha...I am totally sick of the next door neighbour's obnoxiously loud snoring, the guy upstairs with the interesting "antics" from time to time, the guy on the other side who smokes and when we have our windows open it stinks up our place, the painfully slow elevators, the scent of chlorine in the lobby 24/7 from the pool, coin operated laundry, a very small balcony which is our only link to the outdoors, no back yard, our super small galley kicthen, EVERYTHING! Haha...although this is John and my first real apartment in canada (We had one in Korea but this is our first one here) so I guess we should appreciate all the good times here too!
Anyways...here are a few pictures from our weekend:

Crazy man goes for a swim in the middle of May! =)

Ready, Set....


Being Silly!


loves ya mama bear!

Front step!

John practicing carrying me across the treshold! =)

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