Monday, August 18, 2008

My Martini Manicure Bridal Shower

This weekend my lovely mother-in-law to be threw me a beautiful bridal shower that was themed martini manicure. What a great time!! Everyone had a blast and we continued to party well into the night after most people had left. It was very nice! The girls all decorated beautifully and the pink and brown theme was awesome (even the favor goody bags had pink nail polish and a cute)!!! We all sipped/guzzled martinis and everyone took a turn while 2 of the lovely ladies (Lisa & Mercedes) gave manicures and pedicures and I had the special treat of a facial!! We had a wonderful time! Thank you very much Janet!! And to everyone who helped plan, organize, decorate and host...THANK YOU!!!
Here are a few pics...more to come as my computer would not upload anymore at the moment!! (p.e. they are in a very rambled order....another wonderful thing my computer does)

Me reading to Janet the beautiful note my husband-to-be wrote me. He had me and every other gal there in was soooo sweet! And the earrings he gave me were gorgeous!!! What a special surprise!!

The gorgeous cake. It was fantastic!! (this was also where John's gift was...see the black box in the martini glass of the cake!)

Mom feels up the underwear to count the! Jaime won with a guess of 80. lol

Glad it wasn't just me to get emotional!! hehe

After the shower we all dove in for a swim!!! BRRRRR (and NO I NEVER took the crown off all night...haha...feels right on my head, John says I was born with one

Aunt Daphne gets a manicure while mom chats and sips away

The cards...uh oh! VERY emotional! A sweet letter on the inside of my card from Jaime sends me over the edge!!!

Another gift from Jaime that sets me over the edge...haha!!! Her parents grow the worlds largest zuchinni! hahaha

Stef hard at work making me my beautiful hat!!!!!!

Mother of the bride gets a mani/pedi!!!


And this would be the card from those girlies opened the flood gates!! haha

Socializing, sipping and enjoying the day!

Mel, Me and Sarah!!! Martinis in hand of course! Note the clothes pins on Mel!

Jaime, Stef and Rach!!

Mom & me before the big event!

All the martini glasses!!

AWWWWWWW......... loved the heart shape sandwiches!!

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