Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Our Wedding!!!

Well...where did the time go...it has been 3 weeks since our wedding day and I have yet to update. Bear with me here, I'm about to go into full detail (mainly because I want to look back on this someday and be able to have a play by play..haha). This blog is my version of a journal I guess! Our wedding day was PERFECT! It was everything we dreamed of and more. Seriously...it was by far the best day in my life! Everything went really well, the ceremony was beautiful, the meal was excellent, the speeches brought tears to many eyes, the slideshow that the gals did was unreal and also a tear jerker, the dance floor was packed all night long, the favors were a hit, the candy buffet was swarmed...haha, and everyone enjoyed themselves...and the best part: I made those sacred vows to my best friend to spend the rest of our lives together as one! Couldn't be more perfect! People that were not at the wedding have asked, "anything go wrong on your big day?" but honestly, nothing did...well I guess I WAS 25 minutes late to the ceremony but that is because our hair stylist went in for back surgery and didn't provide us with enough back up stylists so our hair schedule put us behind quite a bit! But that was really not too big of a deal seeing as how the bride is supposed to make a grande entrance ;) hahaha! Other than that it was absolutely perfect, by far THE best day of my life hands down! All through the ceremony I kept thinking, "please let me remember this feeling and this moment forever". It was great, and what a party! We had soooo many people during the reception and after tell us what a great time they had. It was truly awesome!! I will provide more pics and honeymoon details soon.
Everything about the entire weekend was fantastic....heres a lil play by play ;)
Thursday- I got my nails done and waited for my beautiful sister to arrive home from Calgary!!! Me, Mom and Janet went to Embrace Spa (My favorite place ever...haha..I go there a lot actually...more than I should probably...but I AM a princess and we all know princesses need to be pampered=P That little line was for my dad =P). We had pedicures and drank wine and just enjoyed the royal treatment. Thursday evening was the rehersal at the Church and then Janet & Rick had the SpitFire's private room reserved for our rehersal party. It was a great time!!!
Friday- woke up bright and early, I went back to Embrace spa for a rejuvinating eye treatment (seriously...I was at Embrace everyday that week: Monday to Friday). A bunch of us (me, John, Mom, Janet,Lauren, Bryan, Jaime, and Rachel) went to the winery to decorate the gazebo. I am so grateful to everyone who helped us that day...really and truly, I could not have done it without ya's! You all helped John and I to transform that place into something so beautiful that it felt like a fairytale!!! Friday, after decorating the vineyard's gazebo, meeting the organist and the soloist at the Church and helping my Aunt to decorate the church, we went back to the Old Orchard Hotel. Well, the girls all did. John, his brothers and parents went back to their place while me and the girls went to the hotel. A lot of my family and friends who had travelled up were there Friday night as well so it was awesome to be able to spend the night partying (well we didn't party too too hard but we had a few sociables and it was a super fun night). We had 3 bigs tables reserved for a big dinner at the restaurant in the hotel and we all ate and then went back to my dad's suite for drinks. It was great to spend some time with the people that travelled from as far as Ontario as I knew I wouldn't get a lot of individual time on the actual wedding day. The girls and I (and Bryan of course) left the party a little early to go and have some champagne in our room and get some beauty sleep!
Saturday: I barely slept because I was so excited so as soon as the wakeup call came I was out of bed and ready to get the show on the road. I took the gals and my mom to the breakfast buffet in the restaurant downstairs and then we went to the Eau Spa Salon to get our hair done!! Mary, a make up artist from MAC, came to the hotel and as the girls got their hair done they went upstairs to our room and Mary did the make up. She did a fantastic job. Shannon, the photographer, showed up and her associate, Stacey, just made in time to catch Rick who was at the hotel to pick her up. Stacey went to New Ross to get pics of the boys while they were getting ready...James had shown up that morning to get ready with the boys and Janet had a woman come to her house to do her's and Elaine's hair and make up. Something tells me the boys weren't as rushed or stressed for time as us gals were ;) So we all got gorgeoused up and then, although as mentioned previously, we were late, my Dad & I headed out in the antique Mustang my uncle Rick had let us borrow and the gals all headed out with Donald while My mom and Ivy, Melanie and the girls went in another vehicle. Although I was late, the ceremony went off without a hitch (although I do remember John sweating profusely..haha and at one point I thought he was going to faint he looked so hot so I gave him my hankerchef and he was fine after that). It was very emotional but I held it together...Just looking at John, seeing the happiness in his eyes and being there in that moment knowing I was spending the rest of my life with him made the 'would be' emotional tears turn into pure joy!
We got pictures taken after the ceremony and the rain held off pretty well all evening. It drizzled a little bit but nothing too severe...although I was a little worried at one point during family photos!
After the reception John and I had chartered a bus to get all our guests back to the hotel as we did not want anyone drinking and driving. Our wedding planner took us back to a secret spot we had booked for just the 2 of us. While our guests were back partying the night away at the Old Orchard Hotel, we were at a quiet little inn called "The Woodshire". What a gorgeous place it was too. Jennifer, the wedding planner, had gone to the room during the reception and prepared our honeymoon room with rose petals and candles and so we came back drew a bath and had a really nice (and romantic;) night together. It was great to finally be alone with my new husband.
Sunday: We had a little gift opening brunch at our place with our family. Then after everyone had left we finished packing, and got a few hours sleep just to get up at 4am to head out to the airport to catch our flight to JAMAICA! What an AMAZING honeymoon! Absolutely a wonderful, greatly needed, realxing vacation!!! All in all...my wedding was even better than I had dreamed!
Thanks to everyone for making it truly special for us!!!!
Mrs. Walker =)

Mel & Emma at the salon waiting to get Emma's hair done

Chloe getting her hair done

Post-champagne Friday night getting ready for bed

my "Sexy Little Bride" sweater =)

Us Gals

John opening my car door after arriving at the reception

My Dad walking me down the aisle!!

Cutting the cake!

outside in the vineyard's parking lot!!!
Professional pics coming soon!!!

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