Monday, November 10, 2008

To Be A Loonie...Or Not To Be A Loonie....THAT Is The Question ;)

The parade of lights is this weekend and I usually try to go every year. This year however, the TPCU was asked to be in the parade of lights. At first, Amanda and I were like "No freaking way". Then today, the peer pressure set is the kicker: If I do decide to join the Credit Union float in the parade...we would be walking underneath a giant, inflatable piggy bank dressed as loonies (the coin not the bird). Yep...walking 2 hours dressed up as a giant loonie under an enormous floating pig/bank...not really my idea of a good night! haha! I am sure we would have a lot of laughs over the course of the night but that is something I think I'll partake in from the sidelines! Although, if Nancy & Debbie have their way...the whole TPCU crew may just be there marching alongside in their loonie gear;) Their pitch about the post appetizers and drinks is something I'd seriously consider ;)

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