Monday, December 15, 2008

Love Love Loving The Holidays

What a festive weekend we had! It was great! Friday night John had to work into the evening so I got some of my Christmas baking done! When he got home he showered and we left right away to go to a Christmas gathering at Erin and Davey's new house. They have a beautiful new house in Bedford and the cutest puppy (I am still working on John for that one ;) We ate and drank and it was a really nice evening. John and I got home pretty late so we slept in on Saturday and lazed around. After lunch we went out to New Ross to visit with the in laws and get our tree. We ended up cutting down the best tree yet. It's HUGE. And it is definitely the fullest tree to date! We have always gotten pictures taken of our tree so I will post them soon and do the comparison! I also learned how to make a wreath for our front door. I had been wanting one for a while but refused to pay $25-$30 for one at the stores. So Janet taught me how to make one and it turned out great!!
We had a delicious lobster supper and then after supper and some of our home made wine (I was DD) we drove home. We stopped into my Dad and Ivy's house for a visit and to give them a bottle of our home made wine to sample as well. I must say, that this being our first batch of home made is amazing! I am somewhat fussy about it! It is actually really really good! John did do most of the work (well the hard parts...I helped him though) so I'll give him most of the credit!

Yesterday, John went into work for a few hours OT and I stayed home and watched a Christmas movie and did some cleaning. He came home at lunch and we had a great lazy day watching Christmas shows and movies. He took a quick Xbox session and then we decorated our tree, had some wine and watched, yet again, more Christmas movies. The Polar Express was on last night and since neither of us had seen it, we were excited about it. It was a good movie, however, we both agree that it is a slightly scary Christmas movie. Now I know that sounds weird but think about it, Tom Hanks character is not really that nice, the kid is walking around on top of the train about to fall off, then there is the scary homeless dude that is on the top of the train drinking "coffee", and even Santa's work shop is terrifying! It was a good movie but definitely not a warm fuzzy Christmas kids movie! are some pictures of our tree hunting/wreath making excursion! I also have pictures from decorating the tree as well but they are on my camera. I'll post them later!

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