Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bring on the SNOW!

Sunday morning, being lazy, drinking an endless cup of coffee, making banana pancakes, staying in my jammies, and....LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT! I really love Sundays, especially lazy ones like today, however, there is one thing about Sunday that I do not like...knowing that tomorrow is Monday! John and I had a fantastic weekend and it was pretty lazy all around but very enjoyable. We have been wanting a weekend where we don't have plans and this was one of those weekends. We just took it as it came. Friday night we didn't really do too much but I made a big batch of home made soup that was Nancy's recipe and it turned out delish! Saturday, we woke up and decided to head into the city for the day. I had a gift certificate from LuLuLemon that I wanted to use and we also wanted to stop into Future Shop to try and get our DVR repaired. Then we had a gift certificate for Boston Pizza so we decided to grab a bite there. We were home pretty early in the evening so we rented a couple of movies and just took er easy!!!
I am looking forward to this week though. I am sure it will be a busy one!! Tuesday night is our first night back to dance class. Well, we took private dance lessons before our wedding from this very sweet Irish couple who have group classes in the fall and winter so we signed up for it. We even recruited another couple to join as well...haha! Debbie and Peter were over for pizza and drinks last weekend and John and I were chatting about dance class and they were intrigued so I sent the the email registration package and they decided to join with us. It is a great way to have fun, have a hobby with your partner and meet new's even better now that we have friends who will be there as well. So we are looking forward to that this week!!!
We are supposed to get a snow storm today, which I am actually hoping for. I would love to have a storm so big we have to hibernate in our house for at least a few! I am keeping my fingers crossed that it comes down hard today =)

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