Sunday, January 25, 2009

Gettin Caught Up To Speed On A Lazy Weekend ;)

This weekend was extremely low key. John worked all weekend so I stayed home and hibernated on this cold weekend. Friday night we went to the movies which was fun! Saturday when John went to work I got up and read for a bit, then went into Sackville to meet my hubby for a coffee and then I went grocery shopping. I also attempted to make sushi on my own that evening for supper. It was actually pretty good. The avocado was a little too firm and my rice was seasoned a little too sweet but other than those minor details it was pretty darn good...if I do say so myself!! I am getting better at rolling it so I know it will only get easier and tastier with practice. We laid low Saturday night and rented a movie....Saw 5 (to which we realized that we saw all 5 Saw movies together...we have only been together for 4 and a half years and yet there were 5 Saw movies...a bit much I's time to end them now, they pretty much suck). This morning I got up early again and read more of my book then had an incredibly lazy day in front of the TV finishing up the Season 1 & 2 of Laguna Beach (I watched some on Saturday as well) and I also took in some of The Hills Season 1. I had borrowed the DVD's to get caught up since I only started watching The Hills this year and have found my new guilty pleasure. I didn't even realize that The Hills had originally started with Laguna I took this lazy, John working weekend, to get myself caught up. I'll have to watch the rest of the seasons soon now as I am intrigued! lol!
I also made a delicious Pork roast for supper tonight and used my home made apple thyme jelly as a marinade...YUMMMY!! It was soooo good! I'm tellin ya...I am becoming quite the little Martha. Oh, AND I baked cookies, which JOhn loved and ate all but 2 (thats right there are 2 out of the entire batch left and I only ate 1, haha). In his defense I took the recipe from my "Cooking for 2" cookbook so it was only a small batch to begin with.
Well, another work week begins...this week is going to be a super busy one for me!! Should be good, busy weeks make the time go by fast!! =)

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