Monday, January 19, 2009

Our Weekend in a Nutshell

We had a pretty busy weekend. Friday night after our home made pizza night, we watched some TV and chillaxed! Saturday we were awoken only to find out we had NO hot was I cranky. lol! We were supposed to go to a travel show/superstore at the WTC with John's cousin and his wife but were stuck trying to figure out how to get the hot water back. After many phone calls to Rick, James and our plumber, we had no success. So we ended up missing the travel show =(
We went to Greenwood that afternoon for my sushi lesson at Nancy and Allan's. ***For my bridal shower, Nancy & Rachel gave me a fantastic sushi set with all the stuff to make it and a lesson to teach me how to make it. So we had a great afternoon making was fun and not that difficult to make...just a lot of prep work and time. I also got a great tour of the Greenwood mall and I must say how impressed I am with the size of that town...I did not realize how big it was. We headed in to New Ross that evening to visit with my mother and father in law. We had a great visit with them and they had made some yummy margaritas (my new favorite drink is now a lime margarita...delish) and we played some crib. It was a really nice visit. Sunday I had a baby shower to go to in Chester. It started to snow so I didn't stay for too too long...just an hour. We got home Sunday evening and still didn't have any hot water...not even luke warm. That made me cranky since I was hoping clean my house a such luck!

Today my work was cancelled until noon...but I stayed home for the entire day since we still had no hot water and I was waiting all day for the plumber to show up. Thankfully he arrived at around 3:30ish. The water is back in action..thank goodness!

Well here are some pictures from my sushi lesson...I must say that our sushi turned out amazingly well. It was sooo sooo yummy! I cannot wait to make it again...only problem is, now that I know how to make it, I will want it all the time and it is a lot of work to make.

Oh, the pictures are actually in opposite order, for some reason when blogger uploads them they don't go in the order I want them to its all last to first order, haha!

Rachel enjoying the sushi!

MMMM...I love SUSHI!

The beautiful table with the yummy food...

moi, making my first sushi roll (maki)

The men enjoying some Miso soup!

Nancy, proudly displaying our first plate of sushi!

Me, super proud of our sushi talents!

Nancy had quite the spread...she had all the ingredients, crab, shrimp, cucumber, avocado, spicy mayo, etc. She even made her very own miso soup which was absolutely delicious!!!

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