Saturday, April 11, 2009

Cuba 2009: Photo Slideshow

At first I was not going to post any pics of our Cuba trip on my blog since I had a hard time uploading them to facebook with all the technical difficulties. Then I decided that since my blog is like a book of my life/my online journal I should probably post at least a couple beacause down the road when I am old and facebook is a thing of the past, I will always have my blog to look back on all our memories. Then I was told about this really cool site that has a lot of great blogger tool so I found this awesome slideshow function that is super easy to use. So here is a slide show of some of the pics of our trip...believe me, they are not all there...I would never be able to post all the pics we took...It would be an outrageously long slideshow if I did! haha

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