Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fun Couple Of Weeks

Well despite the fact that I am currently unemployed, it has been a rather busy past couple of weeks. The weekend before this past, Kerra was in Saint John. She had come to Fredericton for a business trip and decided to come to Saint John to visit her sister, brother in law and nephew as well as Kristen and I. We went out for dinner and drinks to the Saint John Ale House that Saturday night and it was a lot of fun. The following Tuesday my Dad came to Saint John for a 'work trip' and took John and I out for a yummy supper at one of my now new favorite restaurants, SUWANNA. Its authentic Thai. When Janet and Rick were here and took us out for supper to celebrate our combined wedding anniversaries, we had tried to go there but apparently they book up on weekends 2 weeks in advance so we went to another delicious spot instead. Suwanna is really cute and a Thai woman does all the cooking. It was super delish. The following Wednesday my Dad picked me up and we drove out to Quispamsis so I could show him our new house and also visit with a friend of his who just built an amazing home on the water. We then went out for East Indian food fod lunch and Dad was back on the road for home. The rest of the week was pretty busy with a couple of job interviews and appointments. I also took care of Kristen's bunny, Babs while Kristen was away for work.
Mom and her friend Phylis came to New Brunswick this weekend past and took me to Saint Andrews By The Sea. We stayed at the amazing Fairmont Algonquin . It was such a fun time. This was John's weekend to work long 10 hour days so it was a really nice treat for me! We had such a fun girls weekend getaway! Even though the weather was a bit nasty on Saturday, we made the best of it and had a great time!!
This next week is sure to go by quite quickly as least I really hope it does. John and I are travelling home this weekend for 2 Halloween parties! I am sooooo excited to see some of the girls from TPCU. I miss them so so much!! Its going to be fun =) Now onto the costume creating...
Here are some pics over the past couple of weeks:

Some friends in the yard...there were 4 of them but 2 ran away

Mom & I outside the Algonquin (not the most flattering picture of moi)

The exquisite Fairmont Algonquin. (If you watched 'The Week The Women Went' about the ladies in Tatamagouche, this is where they went)

Ohhhh the samples at the Chocolate Museum store in St. Stephen

Dinner @ Suwanna with Dad & John!!

A night out with the girls @ The Saint John Ale House, fun times!

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