Monday, February 15, 2010

Fabulously Fun Weekend

This past weekend was awesome! I'd say it was my 'funnest' weekend in a long time! I took off from work early on Friday and we headed for Halifax! We got there at around 9pm with minimal stops along the way. The girls and I had planned to all get together Friday night at Debbie and Peter's-afterall we had A LOT of exciting events to celebrate:

1. Amanda's engagement-Whoot Whoot!

2. Debbie & Peter's new house

3. Nancy being pregnant

Debbie's new house is very nice, Amanda's ring is stunning and Nancy looks great! We had a blast that night. The guys mainly all stayed in the basement watching the opening ceremonies. To be honest I think they were all terrified to stay upstairs for too long since there were 6 very excited girls swapping stories, sipping wine and catching up! It was sooo awesome to see them! I miss those girls all so much!!

Saturday I woke up early at Debbie & Peter's and went to my hair appointment at 9am! I got a smokin new cut and color and LOVE it! After my hair appointment, Kerra picked me up and we went back to her place (John had dropped me off, ran some errands and hung out with his brother that afternoon). Kerra and I went to Darrell's for lunch and then walked around downtown Halifax for some shopping and/or window shopping! I also FINALLY picked up the rest of my wedding photos! YAY! LOL-It only took me a year and a half-on that note-it was all me-NOT my wonderful photographer! Kerra dropped me off at the Atlantica Hotel where I met John. Our room wasn't ready so we sat and had a coffee in the restaurant. After we got checked in our room and relaxed for a bit, we went for a walk up Quinpool Road-that brought back memories! John invited a couple of his work buddies and one of the wives up to our room for pre-party drinks. The Emera party was a Monte Carlo theme. It was fun. They had a hypnotist as well. John and I used all the play money to gamble at the tables and then at the end we lost it all! haha! Oh well-its more fun when its not real money!!
We woke up Sunday and went to visit Robert and Shelley! We had a great visit and then on our way back to Saint John, my hubby took me for sushi to celebrate Valentine's day! We got back last night around 8pm. It was such a great weekend I didn't want it to end. I really miss 'home' now! I wish we lived closer to our family and friends! I am enjoying Saint John but nothin beats Nova Scotia!
I do have a few pictures but I'll post them another time. Its getting late and I am exhasuted-the weekend wore me out!!

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