Monday, June 21, 2010

Another Weekend In NS

You know you go home a lot when....people at my work assume I am going 'home to NS' for the weekend as I do almost every weekend-haha!
We went to NS this weekend to get in some quality time with John's Nanny!! John wass upposed to work until 7pm on Friday so we didn't get away til pretty late. Of course we had to make various bathroom breaks along the way. Kyle called while we were on our way home and suggested we stay with them the night. So we did! We stayed with Kyle and Jaime Friday night. We got there around 10:30-11:00pm and watch a bit of a movie and chatted and then went to bed. Saturday morning we got up, had breakfast together and then John and I headed out on the road. We stopped at Rona first because I had seen a paint color that was a Rona color that I wanted to pick up the chip to have it matched at Benjamin Moore-it's a possible baby room color! =) As we were leaving Rona John asked me if there were any Maternity stores in Bayers Lake. I thought there might be but wasn't sure so we went looking. We founf Thyme Maternity and since Saint John really does not have much in the lines of Maternity Stores (i.e. NONE that I know of) we thought we shoudl go in and look. The sales girl was very helpful and sweet and when I said "I'm only 13 weeks along so I recognize its too early but..." and she interrupts me by saying that most of their shoppers start at 8 weeks so it's not too early by any means". So we look around and they have some sales on so I try some things on. IT WAS SOOOO MUCH FUN. They had a little belly you can strap on so you can see the clothes will grow with you. Some of them I can wear now as opposed to putting a hair elastic around the buttong and through the button hole to give me an extra inch with the baby bloat I have lately. John said he wanted to buy me some new clothes for my birthday so I ended up getting 2 pairs of short, a pair of dress capri pants, a pai rof jeans and 2 tops!! I had a hard time finding tops I like because they were either way too flowy and made me look like I was wearing a tent or they were way too tight and I couldn't imagine them growing with me no matter how many times the sales girl tried to tell me they would! Anyway-it was soo much fun! And when I tried on that belly and looked in the mirror-Holy Mama! hahaha! John loved it too! It was the first time I think he actually really enjoyed shopping with me! haha~
We landed at Forrest & Elaine's just after lunch. We spent the afternoon there and did what we could to help out!! Nancy was there as well. Nancy and I made supper and then went for a walk in the evening. I must say that times like this is when I dispise being so far away from family the most-true, I have said this many times before. But I find that during difficult family times, it is most hard to not live closer and be able to offer help and support!! I was glad we went home and got to spend time with them though. We knew that the weekend before would have us only spending a few hours in Bridgewater with Nanny & Bampy M so we felt that another trip home the following weekend for some more quality time was needed!
The next day we woke up early, before we left and I cooked father's day breakfast for everyone (although John did help since he is the fried egg master and mine typically end up in a mess). John helped Bampy M with some more yard work John helped Bampy M with some more yard work .
We left just before noon and went to meet Erin and Davey at The Green Canteen (aka Island View Restaurant) in Western Shore. We had lunch and a great visit and I even got to say hi and give some snuggles to Queen Ruby Tuesday, haha! Ruby is Erin and Davey miniature daschund for those who may be thinking "huh?" lol! After luch we stopped in to visit James and Amber! We stayed there for a visit and then headed out to New Ross for a visit and to wish Rick a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY! We got there as Janet & Rick were having a soccer party so we got to see a few others as well. Darren and Wendy were there as well as Mike nad his friend. Lisa, Avan and the kids also arrived after Emma won the her big gold medal soccer game. It was great to see them as well since it has been a really really long time since the last time we saw the Joudrey family. We headed out on the road for home about 5pm. We had a long drive ahead of us with lots of bathroom breaks for the mama-2-be!! haha! We got home at 10pm and we were starving so we ordered a pizza and watched True Blood for a bit and then realized we had to clean out our bottom cupboards since we had the installers coming the very next day bright and early to install our new kicthen counter tops (which turned out fantastic and I love love love the new counter top)! So we were up very late and it was far too late for me after such a busy weekend!!
Anyway...another work week begins, so until next time...

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