Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Fantastic Birthday

Well fellow bloggers, I had a fantastic birthday!! I did work yesterday but it was still a great day! My Dad called me in the morning and said that he was in Fredericton for work and was going to drive to Saint John to take me to lunch for my birthday. So Dad picked me up at 1pm and we went to Thandi-one of my favorite restaurants in Saint John. Thandi is an East Indian cuisine restaurant and absolutely delicious. We stuffed ourselves and I still had plenty to pack up and take home! It was really a nice surprise that he came to pick me up for lunch. Dad and I used to go for lunch quite often when I lived in NS and worked in Bedford so it was really cool now that I live in NB we still got to hang out on my birthday!

I went back to work and worked my butt of all afternoon-I just felt really driven all afternoon and worked extra hard! The day flew by which was nice! When I got home my wonderful hubby had a lovely candlelight dinner for me! Such a sweetie that man is! AND...he was cooking lobster-DELISH! I had been craving lobster for a few weeks so I was definitely excited to get my fill. He had 2 lobsters and informed me that mine was the biggest one. WOW! He wasn't fooling around. He had bought me the King of the Sea! lol I couldn't even eat it all. He helped me with it and still we had a lot left over for a lobster sandwich! It was the biggest lobster I've ever attempted to eat and soooo yummy in all its melted buttery goodness! haha! He also had a cute little chocolate cake which I did manage to have a piece (or two-well baby wanted a piece too...hehe) later that evening!! I had a wonderful day and evening!

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