Thursday, July 8, 2010

16 Weeks

How far along? 16 weeks
Weight Gain/Loss:
How big is baby?: about 4-5 inches (about the size of an avocado) and approx. 3.5oz
Weight gain/loss: +3 lb
Maternity clothes?: yes I am but also still wearing some of my regular clothes but they are getting more and more uncomfortable. I also won a bid for 3 bella bands on ebay that I bid on a week ago so looks like I'll have those soon as well.
Stretch marks?: Nope
Sleep?: never can get enough and I have been going to bed so early even while on vacation, 10pm is a late night for me these days!
Best moment this week?: Being home in Cape Breton
Food cravings: nothing really too crazy, I have been craving sweet stuff a lot which isn't good! John is meal monitor, lol! He does not like it when I eat to much sugar! I also do not really like meat these days. I'll eat it of course but only a little bit! I just do not have the stomach for a lot of meat on my plate these days! A small piece here and there is plenty!
Gender: Team Green!
Belly button in or out?: In
Movement?: Not yet!!
What I miss?: nothing really!
What I'm looking forward to: Our pre-natal appointment tonight, we should get to hear the heartbeat again! YAY!!!
Weekly wisdom: long road trips when you're pregnant make for very frequent bathroom breaks. Poor John was stopping at every second exit for me! haha. That said I have mapped out the cleanest bathroom all along the route from NB to CB. haha!
Milestones: a neighbour came over to introduce him self to us and he knew we were expecting without me even telling him! Now whether or not he found out from our next door neighbour who John shared our news with or whether he just knew is beyond me! lol Its probably the first in all likeliness!

**I'm at work now but I may just post my very first belly picture tonight when I get home! Stay tuned as I may just keep this wave of braveness and show my belly to the blog community!
For the record I feel I just look fat, John and my mom both think I look pregnant! haha You tell me your thoguhts...

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