Friday, July 9, 2010

Last Night's Pre-Natal Appointment

Last night we had another pre-natal check up with Dr. H. It went very well. Weight and blood pressure and all the usual stuff is A-OK and then we got to the fun part-hearing the heart beat!! The baby was being exactly like his/her daddy (and maybe a little like mommy too)-stubborn! lol Baby must have had it's back to us or was behind one of my blood vessels (which is very common) because we did hear it but not as loud as the previous time. The doctor found it when he angled the doppler a certain way and then as soon as we had it, the baby must have moved and we lost it again. I was okay with that because we did hear it and thats all that matters. It was very strong and fast as it should be. The doctor said it was around 150-160 BPM and the last time he had it at around 160 BPM. I had forgotten to ask the last time what it was (must have been caught up in the emotions of hearing ti for the first time) so I made sure to ask this time. I will say that up until now I had thought for sure this baby was going to be a boy but now after knowing that the heartbeat is that fast I am now unsure. You see there is an old wives tale that says that a heartbeat under 140 means it is m0re likely to be a boy and a heartbeat 140 and above means it is more likely to be a girl so....I now am on the fence. I know I know-its only an old wives tales but I am not one to argue with the old wives ;) hehe! Who knows-I'm still leaning more toward boy and it is still too early for me to really wager a real good guess!

Either way-boy or girl-I honestly do not care one bit as long as baby W is healthy!! I think both would be fun in different ways!!

He also said that I'll likely pop very soon and be obviously pregnant and that should feel movement in the next 3-4 weeks, although he said that John won't be able to feel it from the outside as quickly!

Dr. H is great! His wife is 23 weeks pregnant so he always chats with us off the record- tells us about their pregnancy and his wife as well. I thought going to a young man around our age would make me really uncomfortable but actually that's not the case! He's very professional! He said since we didn't get to hear the baby's heart beat for very long we could book another apointment to go back and hear it if we wanted to but I figure we only have 2 weeks until the ultrasound so I'm sure I can wait-although I'd love to hear it every single day if I had it my way-haha!!

Oh and yes-you read that right, 2 weeks from today is our ultrasound! We are soooo flippin excited to actually see Baby W!!! HURRY UP TIME & FLY BY!!!


Amy Jackson said...

Personally, I don't think you can invest much into the OWTs until you're in your late 2nd to 3rd trimester. The heartrate starts out fast (the first time we heard ours it was in the 180s!) and then slows down as the baby gets bigger. Ours is still 140-160bpm.

Two weeks until you get to see you LO! That's so awesome! I read that and I thought, "Wait a minute... It can't be... Not yet! 'Cause that means I'll have a baby by then... WHAT?!?!"

Sheena said...

Cute! My first thought for you guys is a little girl actualy, not sure why, but that was my initial guess when you first told me the news! You guys should start a baby pool like we did. Family and friends tell you their predictions (sex, weight, date blah blah blah) and everyone pays 5 bucks. Winner gets half and the other half goes to the baby (well, the mama, but for baby stuff!). :)

Sarah said...

Heather's little Cooper (boy, obviously!) had a heart rate in the high 160s at her last appointment. ;)

I have no official vote yet on whether you've got a boy or girl in there, but either way, I'm so excited to read about your appointment. Sounds like everything is going great.