Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hubbs is Da Man!!

I just wanted to give a little shout out to my amazing hubby! He passed his air brakes test yesterday. Baby and I are so so proud of him! He is always looking for ways to advance in his career and decided to take this test (although he doesn't necessarily need to use it for his current role) as a way to add to his resume for promotions within his company. He did it on his own time and went in extra early to practice with a man he works with. I have to say, John makes me proud each and every day! He has great work ethic, working hard all the time. He gets calls from colleagues for help and never complains about the amount of after hours calls he deals with. He'll work 12 hour days pretty much whenever asked and seems to enjoy going to work. Even when he is home he is looking for things to do around our house. This man is the extreme opposite of lazy!! He is going to be such a fantastic father to this little one! I'm so excited to see him in action!!
Way to go dear, I'm so proud of you (and so is baby-he/she told me so this morning - hehe)

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