Sunday, September 19, 2010


So it just dawned on  me that I forgot to post some pictures from our weekend shopping trip to New Hampshire and Maine! I decided I had better do that so here they are. FYI-the first 2 pictures are not from the shopping weekend. They are from back in July or early August when John and I went to the beach. The Gondola Point Beach is sooo close to our house and we had never been there so we went one afternoon. IT's an okay beach (most popular with young families since it's not very deep and they always have a good number of life gaurds on duty).

Deciding not to use the GPS and use a good old fashion map for the next morning's trip to Kittery

John standing outside the hotel that we mistakenly booked in the middle of nowhere

Me very happy with my new Coach purchase

some of our purchases

my free t-shirt from Motherhood Maternity!

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