Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pre-Natal Appointment @ The Pre-Natal Clinic

This morning was our first appointment at the pre-natal clinic at the hospital (not the Regional Hospital where I will deliver-another hospital that is much smaller). I woke up early to find it pouring rain outside so I quickly got ready and left since I knew traffic would be a nightmare. As I predicted, traffic was a nightmare but I did get there in time and John met me there on time as well! As we were walking into the hospital, I noticed a prison/jail gaurd van pull up and some people got out. Since it was pouring rain I didn't pay too much attention. After we registered, we got onto the elevator with 3 other people and all headed for the 9th floor. That's when I noticed the 3 other people - 2 prison gaurds and a young pregnant woman wearing hand cuffs! Of course John did not notice this at all-he thought the 2 prison gaurds were the girls parents (ummm-no hunny, parent's don't make their kids wear hand cuffs)! I guess he didn't even notice the hand cuffs!
Anyway, the appointment went well. After we got off the elevator we didn't even have to wait- we literally got off the elevator and heard someone say my name! We were whisked off to get urine samples, weigh in and then go through a huge list of questions. Everything was great - weight, urine, blood pressure, I am measuring right along at roughly 28 weeks (which is where I should be) and the baby's heart beat was fast and strong (152 beats per minute). Everything was great. Doctor asked Daddy to be if he had any questions and we chatted and then were on our way!
I go back in 4 weeks!!

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