Thursday, December 16, 2010

39 Weeks

39 Weeks today with only 1 more week to go until our whether or not baby Walker comes then is another story entirely!! Maybe s/he will want to show up a little early. If s/he is anything like his/her momma then s/he won't want to miss Christmas since it's the best holiday ever!!
Still feeling great! Today is day 1 of maternity leave and it's the most bizarre feeling ever! Usually on days off like weekends, vacation or holidays I really enjoy every moment because I am savoring it knowing I have to go back to work tomorrow or by the end of the weekend/vacation/holiday! This is odd knowing I won't be going back to work until January 2012!
Hmmmm...not much new in the baby front! Don't think we'll have a baby anytime real soon but who knows?! No weird cravings, in fact maybe I'd say the opposite...nothing really sounds overly good or yummy!
I feel VERY large! It is difficult to do a lot of normally easy tasks and I get winded very easily! At this point I literally feel like a beached whale-haha! I am only getting up once (maybe twice on the rare occasion) to make a bathroom break at night which is pretty good and believe it or not I am still sleeping pretty darn good!!
I'm drinking lots of water and rasberry leaf tea!
Other than that not too much new! Just trying to relax and enjoy some time with the hubbs before our new addition arrives! We're pretty pumped and although we talk about it all the time it is really and truly hard to imagine this new chapter we're about to embark on...such an exciting adventure!!

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Martha said...

Oh time is getting so close and I'm hanging off the end of my seat waiting to read you've gone into Labour. hahaha

Yay for maternity leave. You will love not having to get up to get dressed and you can have your pj's days. Some days you will be up really early and then there will be times when you realize, wait i didn't get a shower. lol

Cherish the time because they grow so quick. you will be a great mother!!