Monday, December 6, 2010

Another Fun Weekend

What a great weekend! It all got started with my work people taking me to lunch on Friday to say good-bye/good luck and enjoy parenthood! They took me to Pizza Delight and at the end of the meal they presented me with a baby gift. How sweet of them to think of us!
Friday night was very low key. We rented a movie and went to bed pretty early. Saturday my friends in Saint John threw me a baby shower at this super cute little restaurant in Hampton. It was so incredibly sweet of them. They had the place all decorated with balloons, streamers, shower banners and confetti on the table. We played some games and enjoyed the company and had some laughs. A few of these girls are new moms so it's going to be fun to have play dates! It was a great afternoon and we ended up staying almost an hour later than planned! 3 hours and still lots to chat about! Kimberly was there as well so it was nice for her to meet them and I'll have to make some plans to have them all over in the New Year!
When I got home we cruised out to CostCo to get our winter tires put on. I figured CostCo would be an absolute nut house on a Saturday afternoon this close to Christmas but it wasn't too bad. We got the tires on and shopped a bit and I must say how big a relief it is to finally have our winters on the car-and brand new top of the line winters I might add. I feel safer already ;) We ran some errands that we desperately needed to get done and headed for home where I fell into the lazy boy downstairs exhausted in front of the TV while hubby made us a late supper!
Sunday was also a great day. We woke up and headed over to the pennisula on the ferry to get our Christmas tree. We wanted to go to a U-Cut since it's more fun to trek through the woods and cut it down yourself! However, it was raining a bit so we got a bit soggy. It was still fun though and when we got back we warmed up with hot chocolate and Christmas cookies at the barn where we paid for the tree. We have not yet decorated our tree since it was so wet we left it in the shed to dry out a bit.
I also had today off. I didn't do much. I had planned to go to the post office to mail out a few things but when I got to the post office the line up was INSANE so I bailed. Maybe I'll try again tomorrow!!
I have a pre-natal appointment tomorrow morning so I'll be sure to blog about that...
But for now here are a few pictures of our Christmas tree cutting adventure. I don't have any from the shower to post but Sharon (the lovely lady who planned it) took some and I'm sure she'll email me some soon!


Sandy said...

You are just the cutest little pregnant lady! Can't wait to see pics of this gorgeous baby growing inside of you!

Mrs. W said...

Awwww..thanks so much Sandy!! =) You can be sure I'll be posting lots of babies pics ;)