Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy 1 Month Birthday Forrest!

Here it is, my little milk monster's 1 month birthday. I have to admit I got a little emotional over this milestone! I mean, one month FLEW by...I want to just pause time for a little while. We had his 1 month check up at Dr. H's office this afternoon. Dr.H said that of all the newborns he has seen this week (which was a lot since he had quite a few babies born over the holidays), Forrest has gained the most. He is 9lbs and 4oz and 22 inches long. Our sweet little babe is growing too quickly.
You have made your Mommy & Daddy's life complete! We cannot even put into words how much we love you. We gush to each other many times during every day on how cute you are, how smart you are, how much we love you or how you continue to amaze us! When we brought you home from the hospital we were filled with both excitement and fear. What do we do now? Well, you would be relieved to know that our parenting instincts just kinda took over and we find ourselves 'just knowing' what to do. You make every minute of every day an absolute joy...yes even the sleepless nights.
You initially hated the bath-I mean grab on to the sides of your whale tub and look like you were going to jump overboard type of hatred. The first bath we gave you your daddy was ready to never bathe you again. He did not like how upset you were (nor did mommy but the thought of never bathing my sweet little boy was just not an option, lol). You now seem to almost enjoy the bath and we've been saving bath time for just before bedtime as it seems to settle you and make you sleepy!
You LOVE the car but not getting into your car seat. Once you are in the seat and we start moving (either walking or driving) you go right to sleep. We are usually not even out of the driveway by the time you fall fast asleep.
The diaper changes are hit or miss. Sometimes you're a fan but other times you just are not having it.
You also love to eat - hence the 9lbs 4 oz! You've earned the title of our little milk monster! You get the absolute cutest expression when you are hungry and going in for food! It's hilarious!!
Speaking of expressions, you are filled with them. We are in awe of all the facial expressions you have already at such a young age (your dad says you get this from me). You are also already cooing and smiling (and we know its not just gas because it is in response to things we do to get you to smile).
As for sleeping well you have good nights and not so good nights (as to be expected at one month old though). You absolutely LOVE sleeping on your daddy's chest and enjoy ripping his chest hair out! haha! You enjoy sleeping on Mommy chest too-it's like your gaurding the booby buffet!
You are sometimes a fan of tummy time and sometimes not. We never know by your mood until we get you on your belly only to find you pleasantly enjoying yourself or absolutely freaking out!! However, you are doing awesome at lifting your head up and are getting stronger every day! You also flail your arms and feet about wildly - often you'll hit yourself in the head and get upset not knowing you did it, you even wake yourself up this way. Speaking of those flailing arms - whenever we try to swaddle you, you fight and wiggle to get those arms free. No way are you having them tucked in any blankets. And then you swat yourself in the face and wonder who did that!?
The items you love so far are:
-your Fisher Price Newborn to Toddler vibrating rocker
-your wipe warmer (God forbid a cold wipe touch your little bum, it almost seems like the end of the world)
-your Fisher Price aquarium on your crib (although you do not yet sleep in your crib, we have tried to put you in there for naps and you love to look at the aquarium and listen to it's music)
-your sleep sheep (it hangs on your bassinet and while you don't always fall asleep to the incredibly soothing sounds, Mommy and Daddy sure do-haha, we're not quite sure we'll be willing to part with it once you move into your crib) lol
-your hands - you love to chew and suck on them (and not even because you are hungry, you just like to find them and put them in your mouth)

We look forward to what new things you'll learn and do in your second month. We are so honored to be your parents and watch you grow. You truly are such a special baby boy and we love you so very much!

Forrest - 1 Month old - January 25, 2011

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Happy 1 month, Forrest!