Friday, February 18, 2011

Forrest's Play Date

Yesterday Forrest had his first playdate. Jackie and Connall could not make it so it was just Forrest and I and Tawnya and Ava. We had a great afternoon! Tawnya and I sipped coffee and had some adult conversation. The babies, well let's be honest - didn't really understand nor care that they were together! lol Come on people-Forrest is still just discovering his hands do you really expect him to be into girls-lol!
We did snap a few really cute pictures of course.

Tawnya and Ava

Forrest was so excited for his first play date (and he's also found his hand and sucks on it all the time) 

Ava in the bumbo chewin on her toy


okay, Forrest not so impressed and Ava looks like she's saying "whatever" lol

"mommy who is this girl?!"

So he's scared of girls now but something tells me that'll change-haha

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Samantha said...

I LOVE the pictures of the babies together!!! Wasn't it nice to have some adult conversation? I think these days play dates are just as much for the mommies!