Thursday, March 31, 2011

Forrest Goes Swimming

Jackie, Tawnya and I took the kiddies swimming today. It was Forrest's first swim and he did great! We had a lot of fun. Aunt Daphne gave Forrest a super cute bathing suit so although it was a little big (but will fit him perfectly for summer) it looked adorable on him! I just took him in up to his waist and splashed his little feet around! He seemed to enjoy it and loved looking around and all the sites and other kids!!!
Here are some pictures from our day.

Conall and Forrest just hanging out before going into the pool

Ava is flirting ;) hehe

me and my little man in the pool

Forrest looks around taking it all in

all bundled up in Daddy's Toronto Maple Leaf's towel after our swim

"Mommy's got me"

someone found his sookie which was pinned to my suit (he didn't need it the entire time but once he found it, it seemed to make its way into his mouth-haha)

2 tuckered out kiddos!! We went to the mall after swimming and after these two had 'lunch' they fell fast asleep

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