Sunday, April 10, 2011

Auntie Lauren's Visit

My sister flew into Saint John on Wednesday for a visit. Forrest and I picked her up from the airport and we got to enjoy her company until Saturday. During her visit we took Forrest swimming at the Aquatic Centre again, went shopping, and enjoyed some time together. My Dad came up on Friday for the night and took us all to Suwanna for supper. It was Forrest's first time in a more upscale restaurant and he did pretty well!!! Actually, he did AWESOME! He slept pretty much the entire time and was so quiet that when we got up to leave after dinner, the table next to us didn't even realize there was a baby with us!!! John and I were so relieved! I was uber worried/stressed over this before we went and I am so glad he didn't scream or fuss the entire time.
Lauren and Dad left Saturday morning (Lucky Lauren is going to Jamaica today-in fact she is probably there now). Here are a few pictures from our visit with Auntie Lauren!!!

Kisses from Auntie L

Auntie L comes bearing gifts (he is so spoiled)

Ready for Summer

Auntie Lauren changing one of a few diapers during her visit

YAY Papa is here

Papa makes Forrest laugh

John & Lauren at Suwanna

Dad and I

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