Thursday, April 14, 2011

Forrest had a slumber party

Tuesday my friends Erin and Nancy came to NB to visit us! Nancy had a baby boy (Ben) in early October and as you know, Erin just had Fisher a month and a half ago! It was a super fun visit and sleepover for the boys!!! They arrived early afternoon on Tuesday so we hung out and snuggled all the babies which we passed around. Nancy had not yet met Forrest and the last time I had seen Ben was when he was 3 weeks old!! I couldn't believe the difference a couple weeks made in the size of Fisher either!!  They really do grow way too fast!!! We played and of course snapped a few hundred couple photos and then just as we were all sitting down a super nice supper, all three babies went down for a nap! CRAZINESS~ what are the odds?! After supper and nap time we took the boys for a really nice walk! When we got back we got them changed into their jammies, fed and then it was time for bed!! Since Fisher is still pretty much a brand new baby he didn't go down to sleep just as soon as Ben and Forrest did but he just chilled quietly in his mommas arms while we chatted, laughed and caught up!!! The next morning we of course snapped a few/hundred more pictures, played and then after lunch the girls packed up and left in the late afternoon!! I loved having them and wish we could do it every week!! I feel like I am missing out on watching my friends babies grow and having play dates!!!
Here are some pictures from our sleepover!!

F Squared! Forrest kept trying to roll over on Fisher (I think he was trying to give him hugs-lol)

Fisher, Forrest and Benjamin!

Ben has his supper time

Ben & Forrest having a chat (Ben's telling him what it's like to be 6 months old)

Walk time

Mommy's and their darling little boys

Buddies for life!

Ben (6 months), Forrest ( 3 and a half months) & Fisher (1 and a half months) - BFF Ben/Forrest/Fisher

Of course another photo op-these poor boys! lol

Forrest started off on the mat right next to Fisher. It wasn't long before he had somehow turned himself around like this!

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Sarah :) said...

My heart is bursting. That is just precious, Ainslie. It looks like a good time was had by all. :)