Monday, May 30, 2011

Baby Blue Eyes Turns 5 Months Old

::sniff sniff:: Mommy is going to have a melt down! I blinked and my baby turned 5 months. We are now discussing solids, teeth, sitting up on his own and after this month my maternity leave will officially be half over! There must be a recipe out there for some kind of poition that will slow time down or make my baby little for just a while longer!!!
It`s been a fun month! Every day he does something to make us laugh! John and I fall more and more in love with our little man every day!!! He looks so much like his father it`s crazy but I will say he has my eyes (if I had a scanner I would scan one of my baby photos and then you`d see it for sure). He is so incredibly pleasant! People always comment about how happy he is and what do we do to have such a happy baby! Strangers that come up to us can`t get over how smiley he is and even when he doesn`t sleep well he is still that pleasant!
We have not yet started solids and will be holding off for another few weeks. We are waiting until he is 6 months!!! We may start a week or so before he actually turns 6 months but not before that! John is ready to give him cereal now but I insist we hold off! Not just because I don`t want my boy to grow up but because I`ve done some reading and research and well from what I have read, babies bellies are not matured enough until 6 months! I read a very good medical article that explains that this is perhaps one of the reasons so many people in the world today have chrones and irritable bowel! Anyway, feeding your baby solids is totally a personal choice and each parent should make the decision based on what is best for them....we decided to wait!!!

     You are now 5 months old!! Every day you make us smile and laugh! Our hearts swell with love for you!! When I go into your room to get you after you wake up from any nap and see your precious face smiling up at me, I literally melt!! There is no way I could count the number of kisses I have given you because I am pretty sure they don`t have a number that high!
You are 3-6 month pants and 6 months plus sleepers and onesies (although some 3-6 onesies and sleepers from The Gap and Children`s Place still fit). You are in size 2 diapers (although we have worn size 3 Pampers on you and while they are a little big they fit better than your size 2 Huggies for bed time-we learned this the hard way and Mommy does not like Huggies any more).
You laugh all the time now!! It`s the cutest laugh and mommy and daddy will do the craziest things to hear it!!! You are rolling from belly to back and back to belly. Whenever we pick you up to sit you on our lap or cuddle, you always want to be standing!! You are so good at standing while we hold you and you always look so proud!!!
While you are such a good baby, sleep is something you`re not such a fan of! We put you down between 7 and 8 each night and you are up between 12 and 1, then again around 3, 4, 5 and 6! Usually by 3am or 4am we bring you into bed with us so we can at least catch a little sleep!! Mommy loves this time when you come into our bed because you LOVE to snuggle!! When daddy gets up for work in the morning he always sees how cuddled into mommy you are and it`s just so sweet!!
We love going for walks, although the weather has not been kind so our walks have not been as often as we`d like!
You also had a little eye infection this month. It was nothing that kept you from smiling and flashing those gums but it sure made mommy feel bad. It was just a little goopy so we took you to Dr.H and he precribed some anti-biotic ointment and it was gone in about 2 days!!
You were also Baptized this month!! We had you Baptized in the same church your mommy and daddy got married in and you wore a christening dress that has been in our family for years. Mommy and Auntie L wore it, Nanny and Great Aunt Nancy wore it and it was also, at one point in time, your great-great grandmother's wedding dress many years ago (well it was made with lace from her wedding dress). You were really good in church and of course all the church ladies went crazy over you. Although just as the minister was about to start the Baptism, you made a sound in that diaper that surely shook the century old church. We made it through the ceremony and just at the end you started to fuss so as soon as it was over we whipped you out of the church to go and change your diaper (of course since this church is very very old there were no bathrooms inside so we had to make do and change you in the car - something we've become familiar with in our travels). You have 3 wonderful God-parents - Auntie Lauren, Uncle Andrew & Uncle Kyle and your Nanny and Grand-dad hosted a beautiful reception after the ceremony where soooo many family and friends came to celebrate with you! You are so loved Mr. Man!!
You met some more family for the first time this month. You met your Aunt Mel, Uncle Dan and your cousins Chloe, Emma and Jack. You are going to have a lot of fun with your cousins as you get older. You also met your Uncle Andrew and Auntie Stef for the first time. And your great-Uncle Ricky got to hang with you for the first time. Of course they all loved you!!
As for toys, well, you're very quickly outgrowing your swing and try to squirm out of it whenever we put you in it. You love your play mat because you can squirm and move all around and often end up on the floor-Daddy has start putting blankets all around your playmat because he doesn't like seeing you end up on the cold hard wood floors. You love love love your jump-a-roo now! You jump so hard, we`re sure one of these day`s you are going to go through the ceiling or the floor! You are also starting to like your exersaucer more and more and you still love your glow-worm whom we gave the very original name of  "Glowie" haha!!
We love you with all of our hearts Forrest. You make each day an absolute joy and we love to watch you grow. Next month we'll be celebrating your half year birthday and then I am sure to cry!! Stop growing up so quickly please!!! xoxo

Forrest 5 Months Old - 13lbs 12oz & 25.5 inches

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I cannot believe our boys are already 5 months out! They sure are a joy though!!!