Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mr Golden Sun - Where Are Yooouuu??????

This weather is not cool! I am disgusted with it really. It's supposed to be spring, it's supposed to be sunny, I am supposed to be going for walks and enjoying time outside with Forrest! Instead we are stuck trying to find fun indoor friendly activities and mommy is starting to lose her mind! I am going shack whacky! There are only so many days of staying inside, going to browse Chapters/get a starbucks and keep my 4 month old entertained with his jumparoo and countless games of peek-a-boo! Forrest LOVES when I sing to him and when I plant millions of kisses on him - he smiles so big his whole mouth is wide open! We dance around the living room and play patti cake but even he looks like he is starting to bore of these indoor activities! We had been going for walks and enjoying sitting outside on the deck (he in his bumbo, me on a patio chair) and now we must resort to staying inside! ANNOYING!

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