Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sleep - or lack thereof

It really is amazing how little sleep one can actually function on. I've had sleep deprived nights, pulled all nighters, stayed out partying til daylight, etc but nothing measures up to the lack of sleep in those first couple of weeks after bringing home our darling milk monster baby from the hospital. In fact, the first night my mother and sister arrived to help us out was when Forrest was just 10 days old. John and I were both running on empty, my mom told us that she would take the baby for a few hours and we could go get a solid nap and then when Forrest showed signs of being hungry she'd wake me up to feed him. Of course we took her up on this offer and passed out cold. A few hours later my hubby bolts up right in a complete haze and sleep deprived state and the conversation goes a little something like this:
hubbs: "Ainslie, do you have the baby? Where's the baby? Do you have him??"
me completely asleep at this point (patting my chest where imaginary baby lays): "yeah, I got him, I got him" (pats chest again) "Oh wait now, no I don't"

At this point John darts out of bed and I jump up to go to the bassinet and then I wake up and realize that my mom has him! This was sleep deprivation at its best! So we do know when it is at its worse!
That said, our sweet babe was doing so well up until this month. He was only waking once a night to eat and be changed and then went right back to dreamland. Then when we started putting him to bed earlier (7pm) he'd wake twice - again to eat and be changed and then back to dreamland he'd go. But now we find ourselves losing count of how many times we're up with him throughout the night. It's rough-real rough!! I keep hearing people tell me that once we get him on solids he'll sleep better. I really wish this were true but I am doubting it big time. I am not going to give in and give him solids yet regardless of whether or not this is true. Besides, most times when he wakes he's not even hungry so I don't think solids are the answers to our dreams (pun intended).
I decided to stop listening to others and call the experts...the lactation consultant and health nurse at the mother baby clinic (in the Hospital). She and I had a fantastic chat and she assured me this is just a phase. Just as cluster feeding, growth spurts, etc are a phase so is this and she says that they refer to it as cycling! She says babies will sleep wonderfully and then all of a sudden they'll go for a period of restless nights and wake many times throughout the night. She says they notice it more around milestones such as rolling over, sitting up, standing, etc. And she agreed with me that solids will make no difference in this so I am thankful to have an expert on my side about this! lol For now we'll just have to grin and bear it and be thankful we have a pleasant, happy and healthy baby!
I also mentioned to her that I really wanted to donate my stash of frozen milk. I seem to be producing more milk than Forrest needs so my freezer stash is growing. I was absolutely disappointed to hear that there are no milk banks whatsoever in Eastern Canada. She was also very disappointed and said they are working on it but the closest they are going to have one (in the future) will be Quebec. As of now there is only one province that accepts milk donation and that is BC (yep...the complete other side of the country). I can't even ship it there due to it needing to be refrigerated and the cost to ship it would be all on me). Not even our NICU will accept milk donations at this point! I have to say I was rather shocked!! This is similar to when we looked into donationg our cord blood and I'm so surprised that Canada is behind the times with these things.


Samantha said...

Check out "EATS ON FEETS"or "HUMAN MILK FOR HUMAN BABIES," both should have a page on facebook and I know there are several EOF chapters in Canada. Basically you say "Hi, I have 60oz frozen that will expire in 2 months and I live..." and then someone who needs it will contact you via facebook!

I had to donate some of mine from when T was a few weeks old because he is still refusing a bottle and I couldn't stand to see myself throw it out!!!

Mrs. W said...

thanks so much ! I think I'll be able to hook up with someone from HM4HB but eats on Feets has 3 chapters in Canada - on in NFLD, one in the Yukon and one in BC. I'm in NB. I checked their webpages.
Thanks again!