Friday, June 24, 2011

You Know What Grinds My Gears??!!

People who smoke around babies! It really really bugs me!!!
Erin and I had a fantastic visit and it was so fun having her and Fisher here for a few days. On Tuesday we took the boys swimming at the Aquatic Center and then Erin took me for lunch for my birthday. We went to Grannan's and sat out on their patio since it was a beautiful day. The patio has anywhere from 25-35 tables and at this particular time there were only about 4 or maybe 5 tables occupied. We had the strollers parked and the boys were snoozing. We ordered and were well into eating our delicious meals when this woman sat down at the table directly beside fact she was only about an arms length reach from Forrest's stroller and her chair was directly beside Forrest & Fisher! I hear her order and I swore I heard her ask for a glass of wine, seafood chowder and an ASHTRAY. We think "nah there`s no way...pretty sure there is no smoking on patios - at least there is definitely NO SMOKING on patios in Nova Scotia. So on we continue with our meals and virgin caesars (YUMMMO) and then I see the waitress bring the lady her glass of white wine and an ashtray). Shock and anger are bubbling over at this point. Ummmm why would you choose THIS table to sit and smoke at lady? There are only about 25 others you could have sat in. So I say to the waitress "ummm...isn't this a no-smoking area?" to which she tells me that inside is non smoking but the entire patio is smoking. So then I say "well, we'll be moving". All of this the lady hears since she is practically sitting on top of us and she doesn't say one word. NOTHING. I expected her to say "oh thats okay, you were here first" or "oh silly me, didn't even think, sorry about that. I'll move" or "you ladies are in the middle of your lunch and have babies, strollers, diaper bags, etc to move, I'll change tables instead" Nope she just sits there! At this point we look around to see the 4 or 5 other tables talking and we can't help but see looks of shock and disgust on their faces too. There was an older couple within ear shot and they were just appalled. They were talking very loudly about how awful Mrs. Smoker was and of all the tables she had to pick that one. The man even got up to help us move our stuff which was very nice. His wife said "You ladies were A LOT more polite than I would have been. Thats awful.".
We were not happy...smoking that close to our babies is completely unacceptable!!! And this woman was just plain RUDE!!!

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Samantha said...

On my phone your blog is pink- on the computer it's blue!

Seriouslt- how rude was she?!?!