Thursday, July 28, 2011

Forrest is 7 Months Old!

This month Forrest has been very busy!!! He celebrated his very first Canada day and that same day his Nannie came to visit!!! We had a very full month with Nannie here and then travelling to Nova Scotia to visit family and friends!!!
Forrest, you are cuter every day (which I didn`t think was possible). We love you so so sooooo much! You have been on the go (literally) this month. You are working very hard to crawl and have been able to nudge ahead a few inches and then fall. We`re quite certain that once you actually realize you are doing it you will be on the go non stop. You are such an active little boy. You don`t like to stop moving. No more cuddle time as when mommy tries to snuggle you are more interested in climbing up her and jumping on her lap. You just LOVE to pull mommy`s hair, her dangly earrings and any necklace she may have on and so she has learned to live her life sans jewellry and hair in a bun all the time! You are sleeping from 7pm to 7am (on average) but still wake at least twice a night to eat! In the morning you will wake around 5:30am and so Daddy brings you into bed to snuggle and you love to curl up into Daddy`s chest and go back to sleep! You had a great time this month in Nanny and Grand-dad`s pool! You kick your little feet and splash about. You also enjoy standing. Daddy helps you up and then you hold onto the couch, chair or anything else you can find to steady yourself (of course daddy stays close by to grab you if you fall). You also really enjoy sitting up on your own and laying on your belly - you just hate lying on your back these days. Diaper changes and anything else that involves you laying on your back prove to be very challenging as you are so active and are constantly squirming about. Your favorite toy is still Sophie but you love your little car toy too! The sookie (pacifier) is also great fun for you as you love to put it in your mouth and take it out. In fact, you`ve mastered this skill and if you put the sookie in upside down, you`ll take it out turn it around and put it back in the correct way.
You are still in size 3 diapers and wear 6 months pants but 6-9 or even 6-12 month sleepers and onesies! There hasn't been a tooth show up yet but we're sure one is not far off as you are always chewing on anything you can get your mouth on and gumming down on your bottom lip. We go next Wednesday to have you weighed at the mother baby clinic. It has been an action packed, fun filled month and the next month is sure to be just as fun!!!

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