Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Vacay Replay

Wow, what a truly awesome (and incredibly busy) month July has been to us!!! We started on Canada day and have just been non stop ever since - and we're showing no signs of slowing down until we're going into fall!!! Let's I said, it all began on July 1st when hubby, baby blue eyes and I all went down to the new Q-Plex for some red and white festivities!! Not long after we got back, my mom showed up for the beginning of her vacation!!! Gotta love having Nannie here for almost 2 weeks (mommy gets sleep ins, date nights and an occassional glass of vino). We had an absolute ball together and I hated the day we headed to CB (as this meant she was leaving us -boooo). While she was here though we went into town, hung out in the sun soaking in some rays by Forrest's little pool, went for walks and did a USA shopping trip which was a blast!!! Then mom, Forrest and I headed to Cape Breton for the beginning of what I like to call "the travelling baby show". Forrest and I stayed in Cape Breton from Wednesday to Sunday and John joined us on Friday! During our time there we visited Nannie's work, some friends, went for a yummy brunch with Forrest's Great Aunt Daphne and Aunt Heather, had some special visits with my grandmother (Forrest's great-grandmother), saw great Aunt Nancy and I got to hang out with Kelly for the day talking and planning all things wedding!!! It's great now that Kelly is back in Cape Breton (she used to live in Newfoundland) because now I get to see her when I go to my Mom's- whoot!!! The weather in Cape Breton was absolutely crap-tastic so we didn't get to sun ourselves, go swimming, to the beach or have any bon fires....but we did get to enjoy time with some awesome people and that's what counts right?! Sunday we got up bright and early and headed out to Chester for Erin and Davey's Jack and Jill shower/pool party!! The weather was scorching hot, the water was cool, the food never ending and the company was the best part!!! We had a great time!!!
We spent Sunday to Thursday at my Dad and Ivy's house. Although they were in Calgary visiting my sister we wanted to use their house as a home base for visiting! It's so much easier staying in one place for a few nights with a baby rather than pack up and go somewhere different each night!! During our time in Halifax we got a tonne of visiting in. I got to have a couple days of what Erin and I like to call Wedding-palooza, went to a baby shower and get-together for Debbie at Nancy's house, visited my good friend Amanda, went for dinner (and ice cream) with Kerra, snuggled many adorable babies (including my new nephew Owen), went shopping, got my hair cut, had my favorite step-sister (and only step sister - haha) and her family out for supper and to spend a fun night with us, John took Forrest to visit his friend Robert and family and he also saw our old house which we sold when we moved. All that in such a short amount of time!! What a blast!!!
On Thursday we packed up and headed to Bridgewater to spend the night with Forrest's Great-Bampy (Grandfather). We had a great day and night with him and he and Forrest really enjoyed their time togther. On Friday we packed er up again and went to New Ross to spend the rest of our time home with Janet and Rick (Nanny and Grand-dad). We had absolutely amazing weather the entire time in New Ross which is wonderful because they have a pool!!! We took Forrest swimming every single day and while at first he was a bit iffy about the big outdoor bath tub you wear clothes in and share with others, by day 2 he had warmed up to it and was splashing and kicking about. While at Janet and Rick's we lazed by the pool, gorged on lobsters (surf and turf anyone?! YUMMO), spent beautiful quiet evenings on the veranda, took Forrest to Ross farm to get his picture taken with the pumpkin Nanny and Grand-dad planted for him, visited our beautiful new cousin Hayden (gotta love snuggling little babies), had James, Amber and Hayden out for a pool day and BBQ, had a fun pool day and visit with Uncle Kyle and Aunt Jaime, and went to see Auntie Rachel's fabulous new house. We had a great time in New Ross, it was such a fun quality time visit. It's so nice when you are not rushed and get to enjoy the company of loved ones in a relaxed pace. Of course mommy loved the sleep in`s in New Ross to as nanny and Grand-dad loved taking Forrest in the morning for snuggle time while Mommy and Daddy slept in...this was much appreciated since little man did not sleep well the last leg of our journey!!!
Now we are home and hubbs is still on vacation - YAY!!! We plan to enjoy the rest of his time at home doing things around the house as well as checking out the sights Saint John has to offer.
Vacation is not over yet so stay tuned....
(Pictures to follow)

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