Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Fabulous End to a Fabulous Vacation

Here we are, Forrest and I, our first morning since the end of June by ourselves. We are back to our quiet mornings just the two of us, filled with snuggles and cuddles!!
We came back from the "travelling baby show" (aka our trip home to Nova Scotia) and John had almost a full week left of his vacation. We had such a great time having him home through the days with us. We went into town a few times, had a double family play date day with Tawnya, Kent and Ava at the Q-Plex Water Park and then over to our house for supper, we had walks, swims in 'our pool' (an inflatable pool for Forrest-HA), we had BBQ's, got lots of stuff done around our house, went to the Kingston Pennisula Farmer's Market market (something that is quickly becoming a Saturday Morning Walker Family tradition - whenever we are home in NB at least) and had an all around great family time. My Dad and Ivy were in Moncton for U2 and then came to our house afterwards for a visit with Forrest (and us too of course). We had a great visit all day Saturday with them, a super yummy BBQ and in true Grandparents who come to NB to visit us fashion - they babysat and we went to a movie - YAY!! John and I went to see "Horrible Bosses" and I haven't laughed that hard since Bridesmaids!!! Monday after Dad and Ivy left for their journey home, John, Forrest and I went to St Martin's for the day. It was really a cool little spot. Sea caves, a lovely beach, touristy shops and great hiking trails. We had a great time and Forrest even got to dip his little toes into some salt water for the first time in his young life!
So now life in the Walker house has quieted down - well not for long!!! August is going to be another action packed month filled with fun family activities, bachelorette parties, a wedding and much much more!!! Stay tuned...

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