Monday, August 22, 2011

My Baby is Sick for the First Time =(

My poor little baby has another first...a first which I do not like one bit! He is sick for the first time. Well...KINDA! See he has a very congested nose and is very nasally (is that even a word-nasally?!) but has no other symptoms of illness at all. No fever. No cough. No runny nose even. In fact if it wasn't for the stuffiness in his nose, you wouldn't even know he was sick. Just when he breaths we can notice it and really I notice it most when I am nursing him because when he is nursing he has to breath through his nose and so all I can hear is congestion and it break my heart!!! His spirits are completely fine and he is playing and acting like normal and does not seem to be extra cuddly or sookie. He woke up this morning a little extra fussy but that could also be due to teething since he was fine all weekened long. I called the doctor to make an appointment this morning before heading to Cape Breton and I have tried the saline solution with the nasal aspirator bulb thingy but with my squirmy little boy who did not like that one bit, it didn't work out too well and I mostly got the saline all over me and Hubbs and of course when I tried to put the aspirator near Forrest's face he thought it was something to eat/suck on and kept trying to open his mouth wide and move his head to get that sucker in his mouth. It was a scene that would have been hilarious in our Walker family reality show!!
I guess having your first illness of any kind at 8 months old is not too bad but mommy would have preferred for him to never get any kind of sickness-EVER!


Samantha said...

No fun at alll :( I hope it's "just" teething!

Mama G said...

Poor Forrest! I hope he'll be feeling better soon :(