Thursday, October 6, 2011

3 Wonderful Years of Wedded Bliss

And what a lovely 3 years it has been! When I first met John I probably would have laughed if you told me that in less than a decade we'd date, get married and have the world's most beautiful little boy (sorry momma's, lol)! Today, I couldn't imagine my life any other way and the thought of "what if we didn't meet" scares me to the core! I can't picture myself spending my life any other way than right next to John. Thanks for a great 3 years of marriage dear! Love you!!

Our real anniversary fell on a Tuesday (September 27th). John was working so Forrest and I met him for lunch at one of my favorite restaurants - Thandi! We had lunch and then went to this new cute little "Cup Cakery" that had just opened for desert. I got the 'Mint-to-be' cup cake (fitting since it was our anniversary eh?! but thats not why I ordered it - I just love all things chocolate mint). That night we put Forrest to bed, made a yummy supper together and popped a bottle of champagne!  
Thanks for a great day and a wonderful 3 years John! xoxo

September 27th, 2011

September 27th, 2008

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