Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Forrest is 9 Months Old!!!

My little man is 9 months old - that's 3/4 of a year old!! I have already begun brainstorming for the big first birthday bash which makes me happy yet sad! I've been calling daycares (practically in tears) regularly and savoring each and every last day on maternity leave. To be honest - I am in denial and really and truly do not want to go back to work! Anyway, onto the 9 month post...
Forrest - you are a busy boy!! ALWAYS (and I mean always) on the go. You have been pulling yourself since August 14th but this past month you have been doing it non stop. You pull yourself up onto the couch, the chairs, the end tables, your toys, my legs, ANYTHING just so you can fall back onto your little bum with a great big smile on your face. You love to stand up holding onto the couch and walk all along it. We bought you a laugh and learn table and a push and walk thingy and you love both. You actually use the walker toy to practically run around and you love to go fast! Its so cute! You also use the laugh and learn table to push yourself around. You push it and walk as it moves forward! When you want to get back down onto the floor to crawl you just fall down onto your little bum. You used to crawl both in the typical manner and also in the drag yourself around way (in fact you primarily did it this way) but this month you barely drag yourself at all anymore and you just crawl crawl crawl on your hands and knees!! You started to dislike your exersaucer and jump-a-roo as you hate to be confined or stay put for any length of time. And your favorite game to play is peek-a-boo!
You prefer little pieces of food which you feed yourself or we give you over your pureed food mommy makes you. You are very independant and this is yet another way you show us this. You love salmon, turnip, avacado, banana and anything else you see us eating (which we usually cannot give you). Mommy wouldn't mind giving you pieces of food so much if a) you had more than one tooth and b) mommy didn't have a freezer full of baby food she made you.
You also got your first tooth the week of September 4th. We're fairly certain another one is not too far behind it since the sleepless nights have gotten worse. September marked another first for you Forrest - your first cold =( You had a fever of 101.6 one night and were very congested with a runny nose! You handled it well though and were back to your old self in no time (with plenty of extra snuggles from mommy and daddy).
We're still trying to get the hang of this sleeping thing. Sometimes you are only up twice a night but then other nights its up every 2 hours or so. Usually you just nurse and go back to sleep so it's not too bad. It's probably those ol teefers that are bothering you or hitting a growth spurt!
No matter how sleepless the nights, or how many naps you may boycott against - mommy and daddy are so in love and feel lucky to be your parents! You are the cutest and sweetest little baby (almost toddler ::sniff sniff::) and we love spending every waking moment with you!!

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