Saturday, October 22, 2011

Walker Recap

So things around our neck of the woods have been quite busy lately. And I have been keeping up with Forrest's weekly photos and I am aware I have 2 to post and I will be doing that tomorrow - PROMISE! But you see, my days are totally FULL now that my little monkey man is crawling, climbing and holding onto anything while walking along. He does not stop. Want to know how you drop the last 5 pounds of baby weight and a couple more!? Watch Forrest for a while and it won't take you long to figure that one out!
Well let's see, what have we been up to since Thanksgiving?!!?
-Last weekend my mom and Donald stopped by on their way to the states to go shopping and on their way back from the states. It was nice having them here.
-Last weekend we also had a photoshoot with Kelly Lawson who also shot my friend Amanda's wedding (Amanda's wedding photos were gorgeous but then again, it couldn't be too hard since Amanda was a stunning bride). Forrest was more interested in the ground, grass, dirt and trying to eat rocks than he was in getting his photo taken so I don't think we got too many smiley ones but that's okay - he looks cute no matter what! We haven't seen any photos yet but I am excited. ***On a side note - I found out that Kelly started her career by taking the exact same course I took this past summer, now thats an interesting tidbit of information ;)
- I've started knitting. My SJ friends and I get together at one of our houses on Thursday evenings for what we call "Stitch and Bitch". We basically knit, chat, eat snacks and hang out for a couple of hours! It's great! I'm knitting my very first scarf and so far I am liking it!!!
- My dad surprised us with a visit this past Thursday. He arrived just after lunch and stayed the night. We had a great visit and he came with us to Moncton on friday for the morning and early afternoon. Which brings me to....
- Friday we drove to Moncton for the day and night because John had Laser Eye Surgery. He went to Lasik MD and had the surgery for vision correction. He will no longer need contacts or glasses - YAY!!! The surgery went very well and the patient is recovering nicely while I play nurse by putting his meds/drops into his eyes as needed!! He said the procedure was not quite what he expected and was more uncomfortable than he thought it would be. We stayed the night in Moncton at a hotel and John's friend Jimmy who now lives in moncton came to visit and see Forrest! This morning we woke up and John had his follow up appointment then we tore on out of Moncton to head for home because....
- Today I had a photography seminar with my favorite local photographer who shot our maternity and newborn photos!!! She held a one day seminar and I was thrilled to be able to sign up for it! She is fantastic and I am a huge fan of her work so it was an honor to learn from her!!!

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