Friday, November 18, 2011

Dear Santa Claus...

For those of you who know me, you probably know that Christmas is my favorite time of year! I love love love it and always have! It's always been a big deal in my family! Growing up my parents and grandparents always made Christmas very special for us filling the holidays with meaningful traditions and good times spent with loved ones! I remember really enjoying the weeks leading up to Christmas just as much as Christmas day! Excited chatter at school, the decorations and busy shoppers at malls, our festively decorated house, the smell of my mom always baking lots of yummy things, decorating our Christmas tree with Christmas music on and a box of chocolates to be shared - I seriously could go on and on (and maybe I will in  another post sometime) but for now this is about Forrest!! I really think it was fiitting that our son was born on this very special holiday!! Last Christmas was the best Christmas of my life (and a lot of other lives for that matter) and nothing will ever top it, but this Christmas will also be very special since it will be Forrest's first birthday!! Oh I have a few special treats planned for this day for him and not to worry - he will never get a combined Christmas gift from me or one wrapped in Christmas paper either. When it comes to birthday parties I'll never make it Christmas themed (unless of course he requests it) and I'll always go out of my way to make his birthday extra special (even if most people think it is overshadowed by Christmas). So...this year I have been planning his birthday party for quite some time...brainstorming lots of ideas as well as getting things ready!! I even got a little crafty which is odd for me but hey I'm a mom now so I better try that Miss Crafty hat on a little ;)
I thought since we are planning on taking Forrest to his first Santa Claus parade tomorrow night, it would be cute and pretty special to write his first letter to Santa Claus (especially since Santa Claus always writes back and it will be very cute to keep this letter and maybe add it to his baby book). It's a little cheese so bare with me folks but I'll give you fair warning that if you think this is cheesey than for the next month you might want to tune out because I am certain I'll be blubbering plenty about my little baby turning a whole year old on me!!

Dear Santa Claus,
My name is Forrest and I am very excited for my first Christmas. The holidays are always very special to my family but now it is even more special because I am here to make their Christmas even brighter. You see December 25th marks a very important day for two reasons 1) it's Christmas and 2) it's my birthday!!!
Last Christmas I gave my family the best Christmas gift ever - I was born! Although my mommy and daddy and I spent Christmas in the hospital with grandparents, aunts and uncles visiting me lots - everyone in our family all agree that it was the most magical Christmas ever.
I've been a very good boy this year Santa, and very busy too! I've gotten 2 teeth and have learned to crawl and walk lots so I keep my mommy on her toes. For Christmas this year I'd like some books and a few surprises! Most of all this Christmas I am excited to spend my first birthday and my first Christmas at home with all my wonderful family eating my very first piece of cake!
Lots of Love;
Forrest Walker
P.S. Say "hi" to Rudolph and Mrs Claus for me please.

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