Friday, November 4, 2011

Forrest is 10 Months Old!!!

We're in double digits now! My favorite little man is 10 months old!! He has been sooooo busy! I'm going to keep this post as short and sweet as possible! It's been a busy busy month and as usual we've been having so much fun!!!
So, he now has 2 teeth! We've gone apple picking and have had lots of company this past month - nanny and Grandad, Uncle Kyle and Aunt Jaime, Nannie and Grampie D, Papa and of course his BFF Fisher and his momma Erin!! It's been an action packed month and Mommy and Forrest loved every minute of it! Also this month, Forrest celebrated his first Thanksgiving which also marked his first trip to Camp in East Dalhousie! It was a very special thanksgiving for sure!
Your favorite games include peek-a-boo, run around the house (you will hold on to anything from a toy, our legs or even the wall and just boogie around the house), run from mommy to daddy (not one mommy's favorites lol), throw every single item within reach and throw it on the floor, throw your food on the floor and laugh, and of course you love to dance with mommy to the radio in the morning!! You also say "mum mum mum" or "ma ma" all the time. You do this a lot when you are being sooky and love to cling to mommy when you are like this. You LOVE to eat salmon, avacado and yogurt (soooo strange to me that a 10 month old loves salmon but we're thrilled about it).
It's been a fun month for sure and Mommy is now in full first birthday planning mode - just you wait for this event little man! It's be the party of the decade ;)

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