Thursday, December 1, 2011

November 25th - Forrest is 11 Months Old!

NOOOOO!!! STOP GROWING UP SO FAST PLEASE!! One month (actually less now since I am late on this post) and my sweet 'baby' boy will be ONE! Holy crap, where did that year go? I'm in shock really and truly and although I am pretty sure every month I say something to the extent of "time flies", "baby growing too fast" etc etc etc, this month I feel it has the most truth to it yet!!! It's insane really! I was looking through all the baby pictures the other day and got so emotional! And today as my super snuggly man (which is rare for him - he's normally always on the go with no time for cuddles with mommy) I looked down and saw that he looked way more like a boy than a baby and got all emotional again!!! I feel like a blubbering fool!!
Anyway...this month Forrest you are sooooooo busy!! Less than a week after you turned 10 months, you took your first steps! And only a few weeks after that you were full blown walking! Now you just burn around our house and it's so funny and cute to watch you go! We beam with pride every time we see you!! You are blabbering all the time and its so cute to listen to you talk with all the intonations and sounds as though it's a full out conversations. ADORABLE!!! Your favorite foods are salmon, yogurt and banana. You LOVE to dance around the kitchen with mommy, give kisses (which is by far the absolute cutest thing I've ever experienced), walk/run around the house, bathtime, blow rasberries(or more like spit bubbles), your rubber duckies, being chased around the room, peek-a-boo, and the outdoors! You DISLIKE getting your diaper changed, sleeping, being told no, when Daddy leaves for work in the morning, and sitting still.
You are getting 3 more teeth. Mommy can see them all and they are just about through (actually by the time I finally got around to this post one was finally through with the other 2 close behind it).
Your favorite words are 'momma/mum mum mum', you occassionally say 'dada' and we are 99.9% sure that when your Nannie left after her visit this month you were say 'Nan nan nan ie'! But since she's been gone a few weeks, you stopped saying that =( Another drawback to not seeing family as often as we'd like! You also love to clap your hands and wave bye bye! You are so cute and we just love you to pieces!!! It's been such a joy watching you grow and learn so many great things!! We love you Forrest!
You are in size 4 diapers now and wearing all 12 month clothes, except sleepers and onesies which are 18 months (you are a long boy).

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