Sunday, January 8, 2012

Forrest's 12 Month Post (yes it's very late)

WOW, Am I slack! What started out as a daily December post ended up getting the better of me once Christmas came and we had family here every day over the holidays and well let's face it, as much as I love to blog I would much rather spend the time with my wonderful family!! And so here I am with many posts to catch up on and a new super early bed time (yep folks - I am back to work; BOOOOO).

Anyway...on to the real important stuff - our ONE YEAR OLD!!!! WOW, that year literally flew right by us!! We have both said to one another many times over the past year how quickly the time seems to be flying (guess its really true that time flies when you're having fun). We had to give our heads a shake when we went to bed on Christmas eve knowing that in mere hours our amazing little boy would be a year old! Of course over the holidays with family here we reminicsed about this time last year and how things had changed and how wonderful he made everyone's lives. It really and truly is hard to wrap my head around how my sweet baby boy has gone from teeny tiny little snuggly infant to an active, walking/running and jibber jabbering little boy! Each and everyday I wake up and realize how very lucky I am! THIS is the life!!!
Forrest - you are walking (more like running) everywhere!Your little feet never stop. You hate to sit down for any length of time but have been known to snuggle your mommy in the morning, when you are sooky, tired or hurt and have even falleen asleep in her arms a few times over the past few months! Your mommy LOVES this! You love to play play play with Daddy!! When he comes home from work you run to the baby gate and your face just lights up and you squeal with delight! Your favorite toys are your rubber duckies, balls, books, your fisher price laugh and learn table and your big lego block fire truck! You still love peek a boo and being chased around the house! You still give kisses too which always melts mommy's heart! On your birthday Nanny and Granddad taught you how to dance. You love the outdoors but hate the snow.
Your favorite food is yogurt, tofu, toast, bananas and salmon. You are in size 4 diapers and wear 12-18 month clothes! You say mamama and dada a lot now! You are still being nursed twice a day!
Forrest, you are 19lbs and 30 inches long!! That's 19 lbs and 30 inches of pure sweetness!
We love you sweet boy - more than anything in the world! xoxo

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