Saturday, January 21, 2012

Our Christmas in Photos

We had such an amazing Christmas holiday this year! It was really the best yet!! We are so grateful that our families came up to spend it with us!! We enjoyed hosting the holiday festivities and all the time we had with our wonderful families!! It really was better than words can express so I figure why not showcase a few of the hundreds of photos we snapped this Christmas and maybe that will give a better play by play.

Forrest helping Daddy hang the lights outside

On the search for the perfect Walker family Christmas tree

I think we`ll also take this little one for the birthday tree

Kisses for my BFF Fisher

I had so much fun reading with Grandad (and playing airplane too)

me and younger cousin Owen reading books together

Snuggling and story time with my Great-Bampy
Fell asleep in Nanny`s arms

Yay Auntie Lauren arrived - more people to read me stories (I just love books)

Opening a gift from our mother that she put a lot of time and work and love into (we shed a few tears over this one)

the shirts say it all haha!

Christmas Eve family photo op in our Christmas jammies

2 beautiful ladies on Christmas Eve

A now Walker family tradition of reading the night before Christmas on Christmas eve (my dad read us this every Xmas Eve)


All the `grown ups`having a beverage on christmas Eve before Santa ;)

Mom and her `favorite` son in law haha! (only son in law)

Someone wasn`t too sure what to do when he woke up on Christmas morning but he sure had fun

Had more fun playing with the boxes and paper

opening his presents

Forrest with his 2 Nannies

BIRTHDAY BOY (as the shirt says)

enjoying some quiet time with my Granddad

Forrest`s birthday cake

I`m 1!

Let me at it Mommy

``Is she really going to let me eat some of this....``


I think it is safe to say he enjoyed his first taste of cake haha

not sure exactly how much made it into his mouth

cuddle time

Papa and Nana arrived

More presents to open

One cool dude in his Team Canada jersey

Nana and Papa

Santa had 2 little helpers this year ;)

group shot =)

``stick with me bud and I`ll show you all the tricks``

Another birthday cake for Forrest (lucky boy) - this one was made with love by Nana

This time it was his first taste of chocolate cake - YUMMMMM

lots of love from Nana and Papa

``ummmmm Dad what is that thing...``


Best New Year`s Eve Yet!!!!!

January 1st - this birthday boy enjoying his homemade birthday cupcakes his lovely wife made just for him ;)



Sarah :) said...

It looks like you had a perfect holiday. <3

Jessi said...

Happy Birthday to Forrest and your hubby! We had 2 weeks of birthdays, too!