Monday, March 26, 2012

Mommy & Daddy's First Weekend Away

The weekend before last, we had planned on taking a little overnight road trip to Bangor the 3 of us and we post poned til this weekend. At one point John says to me "Maybe we should ask one of our parents to come for the weekend and babysit him so we can get away just the two of us for a night". So I casually reply with "yeah maybe, I'll think about it" and brush it off hoping he'll forget! But then he goes and asks his parents to come up and babysit. So of course, being put on the spot, I panic. I wasn't concerned about his parents (My mother and father in law) watching Forrest, I knew they would take great care of our son while we were gone and have fun! I also knew Forrest would enjoy his time with his grandparents and that this will be good for him (especially since he doesn't get to see any of his grandparents as much as I wish he could - hopefully we can move home at some point). I knew he probably wouldn't even miss us! I know that grandparents need quality alone time with their grandkids and that babysitting and overnight sleepovers are totally part of grandparent territory. I was also thrilled to get away with my husband for a little getaway. We hadn't even had a date night out just the two of us since early November!! He had never been without both of us. I left him for 1 night in the summer when I travelled to Halifax for Erin's bachelorette and John has left him overnight when he travels for work but there was always the other parent here, he never had to be without both of us!

So Saturday morning we woke up and John pushed me out the door. John and I had a great drive down chatting lots and stopping a few times along the way. We didn't have hotel reservations and just thought we'd get something once we got there. We arrived in Bangor by lunch time and had a yummy lunch at a little Italian Place then we shopped a bit, and decided to head off in search of a hotel room. We settled on the Marriott Courtyard since John was able to book under his corporate rate and it was close to everything we wanted to go. It was great, we had a nap, went out again to do a little more shopping, came back and relaxed before getting ready for dinner. We had dinner at The Olive Garden and then came back to our hotel room for the night. We actually got to sleep in without either one of us waking up for the little man for the first time in 15 months!!! Craziness! The sleep was blissful if we're being honest! We both enjoyed our little getaway and made a pact we'll try to do a getaway a once or twice a year! It's good for us, afterall we're mommy and daddy but we are also husband and wife ;)

We got up the next morning, had breakfast and headed for home. We had a great drive never turning the radio on once, just chatting the entire way! Of course we talked a lot about our favorite subject - Forrest!! We had a fantastic time but we definitely missed our little man a tonne!! It was great to get home and see him! He was so excited to see us he kept going from me to John from John to me! It was cute!!

Janet & Rick had never yet babysat him before this weekend and they had him Friday while we worked and then again for our trip and he enjoyed it so much! They had him outside playing, for walks, to the park a few times and dancing to his new CD they had brought him! He had a ball I'm sure! I think it's safe to say that they also enjoyed their first time babysitting him!! Thanks to them both for taking good care of my favorite little person and allowing us the chance to have a trip just the two of us. As much as I didn't want to leave him overnight, I realize now how great it was for everyone!! John and I needed to enjoy some us time too.


Jessi said...

Question - where are you all in Canada? We're traveling to Montreal this summer and wondered if you were close.

Mrs.W said...

We also live on the East Coast - but in New Brunswick. It's about an 8-10 hour drive from Momtreal =(
What brings you this way??