Saturday, March 31, 2012

Our Sweet 15 Month Boy

Forrest is growing so fast right before our very eyes! Everyday he gets cuter and cuter (which I really didn't even think was possible). And he is just so funny! He is learning some words now and at 15 months here is what he is saying:
dada/daddy/dad = the obvious
mama/mummum = also pretty obvious
gog = dog (he also calls all the deer we see in our yard "gog" so I don't think he distinguishes the difference between the dog and the deer yet - that and the deer in Quispamsis are more tame than house pets)
ove ouuu = love you (this is rare but he has said it a few times and has melted his momma into a puddle on the floor)
"whats at?" = what's that?

He also mimics animal noises now when we read his favorite book with him - this book makes animal noises when you push the buttons on each page so Forrest tries to mimic these now - it's utterly adorable!

He absolutely loves going to Joan's (the sitters) because he has so much fun playing with the kids. He also loves being outside at all times. In fact he'll often cry/throw a temper tantrum when we have to bring him back inside.
Which brings me to my next point - temper tantrums. He has been throwing these more often than I'd like. When he gets his diaper changed, getting him dressed, feeding him (when he always wants to feed himself which we often let him do but with things like yogurt it can be difficult), when we try to brush his teeth (again Mr. Independent wants to do it himself) and when we take something from him that he's not supposed to have.
He also has taken to the fun game of throwing absolutely everything into the tub. Doesn't seem to matter if the tub is emtpy, full of water or the shower is running. It is hilarious to him to throw anything he can reach into the tub. You would be amazed at the things that have been in our bath tub!
He is still sleeping through the night although one in a while he'll wake up having lost his sookie and once we give it to him he falls right back into dreamland. He goes to bed between 7 and 7:30 every night and wakes between 6 and 7 in the morning!
He is now in size 5 diapers and wears 18 month clothes (except sleepers which he wears 24 months because he is too tall for one piece 18 month jammies).
Favorite foods include: yogurt, bananas and kiwi.

Something else that he does and is super cute is the clean up song. Whenever we sing the clean up song he runs and gets all his toys that are on the floor and puts them in his toy box. He's so good to clean up and it's beyond cute! He learned this at daycare and I think he loves it.
I have also been working hard this week to teach him to point to my belly and say "baby". Every time I do it he just points to his own belly. The other night my dad and Ivy were here for the night and I was trying to show them this. So I point to my belly and say "baby" to which Forrest turns to my dad and points to his belly. We all almost died laughing! This wouldn't have been so bad if my dad wasn't after losing 36 pounds since January (WAY TO GO DAD!!!).
Every day he is learning new things and I know for a fact I've left a lot out of this post. I'll have to do updates more often. He is so fun to watch and we laugh so much at the things he does! It's such a joy to watch him grow and develop quite a little personality!

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