Friday, April 13, 2012

20 Weeks = Halfway There

Can't believe I'm 20 weeks today! This pregnancy is flying by! We're at the half way mark to meeting our newest addition. I'm getting very excited and yet so not prepared at all. Have to paint the room (haven't picked out the color yet - although I have a good idea what I want just need to pick the shade), haven't looked at furniture yet,  thought about names or started buying some if the things we'll need. We're really not on the ball. Sometimes I feel guilty about this since we were so on top of everything the first time around. We are just as excited for this baby, it just seems life is more busy with a toddler ;)
I have a lot to update and post (such as our Easter, my ultrasound fiasco and my 20 week pre-natal appointment) but since I'm young this from my phone it will all have to wait until later this weekend.
Until then.....

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