Thursday, April 5, 2012

Forrest's First Hair Cut

This past Saturday (March 31st) we took Forrest to get his first hair cut!! I'll admit, I was a little/a lot sad about this as it was one more step to my baby becoming a little boy. I loved his longer curly hair in the back. It was so cute on him and got ruffled all the time from playing or sleeping! Both John and the babysitter (Joan) were at me to get it cut and I kept brushing them off. Then in one weekend Forrest was called a girl not once, not twice but three times and John said "that's it, I'm putting my foot down". So 2 weekends later we were at the hair salon watching as a young woman snipped my baby's curly soft locks and momma fought back a few tears (we'll blame that on the pregnancy hormones, right?!). The girl that trimmed his hair was very sweet and so good with him. She asked if we wanted to have him sit in the chair or in one of our laps. Since he's the world's biggest daddy's boy we opted for John holding him. She draped a little cape around Forrest and one around John and away she went. I was worried he wouldn't sit still and the thought of my busy little boy with scissors around his face was enough to send me into early labour but he was awesome! We brought the sookie for a 'just in case' thought and never needed it once. He sat very still and was so good. There was only one point where he started to move a little bit and once the hair dresser gave him a little clip to play with he was good to go. Of course the other hair stylists all came over to watch and goo and gaa over him so once he had all the ladies eating out of the palm of his hand he was in his element =)
Afterwards we took him for ice cream which was a real treat since it is something he rarely ever gets! This in itself was hilarious because he'd take a bite and make the funniest face over how cold it was but then would absolutely love it and look for more! He did this for every single bite. The cold face was something I wish I had of got on camera!
He looks so old now! Like a little boy and not a baby! It does look super cute though!!

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Sheena said...

He is so sweet! What a beautfiul boy!