Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our One & A Half Year Old

So I am about a month late with this post but better late than never right?! Our little monkey is a year and a half now and is absolutely his own little person. He has quite the personality and John and I love watching him grow into this little boy. We peak in on him every night before we go to bed and almost every time we do it we comment on how cute he is or how big he is getting or how funny he is. He has brought so much love and brightness into our lives the past year and a half. Being a parent is definitely the best experience. I never in my wildest dreams thought that I had this much love to give until Forrest came into our world. He is my heart and every day my love for him grows and grows and grows.
By now he is running everywhere - because walking is just too slow ;) He says all kinds of words but his favorites are 'dog' and 'car'. He LOVES dogs - until they get close and then he gets scared so we look at dogs from afar and should one get close he runs to mommy or daddy's legs. And for his one and a half year birthday his Nannie and Auntie Phyllis were up visiting so they took him to the zoo to see the animals - this was very welcomed since mommy and daddy were home sick in bed with that wicked stomach flu. At the zoo he did the same thing he did when he went with us - he enjoyed looking but only from the comfort of Nannie or Auntie Phyllis' arms. He did not want to be put down on the ground.
Everything with an engine is a car. He likes to pull himself up and stand on the baseboard heater to look out the windows - up until school let out he would look out at the kids waiting for the school bus in the morning but now he looks out at the 'burds' and the 'cars'. He loves playing with balls, getting pulled in his wagon, legos are also a favorite and then of course we have his 'see see' (aka sookie). He is obsessed with this and we are trying to wean him from it slowly but surely. He dislikes diaper changes, coming in from the great outdoors, daddy going to work without him (actually Daddy going anywhere without him) and the word "no". He is pretty good to sleep, usually sleeping through the night and once in a while will wake once having lost his soother, once you get it for him he drifts back to sleep no problems at all.
When it comes to food our boy goes through 'moods'. He still loves salmon, broccoli, yogurt and bananas and of course everytime we go to give him a cookie or something as a treat his face lights up and he says "ohhhhh booooyy". It is probably the cutest thing in the entire world!!
Forrest is great to give kisses (which are gaurunteed to melt mommy's heart every.single.time) and we have gotten into a great bedtime routine which consists of jammies, cuddles (sometimes a book or 2 or 5), teeth brushing (which is LOVES - seriously he will run to the bathroom and point to his toothbrush and if we brush his teeth and then 5 minutes later go to brush our own he wants to do it again too), a few minutes of rocking and then 'see see' and bed. We do bath night every other night.
At his one and a half year appointment he was 23.5lbs and had his needles like a champ. He cried for a few minutes but then quickly forgot about it. Unlike his father who had his whooping cough vaccine and babied about it for a few days ;) hehe [they reccommend anybody who will be around your baby have this now since it has become such a widespread outbreak in NB and NS at this time. Infants do not have lungs that are developed enough to fend this off and it is often fatal for babies who catch this - my mom has also had her vaccine for this as well as Donald].
Forrest is doing great at his day care and loves playing with all the kids. He has so much fun with his buddy Blake who is about 2 months older than him. Joan says they are like brothers - fighting one minute and then kissing the next haha! I wish I could be a fly on the wall to watch them play.
I know I am missing a lot from this post but he is just growing in leaps and bounds that it is impossible to cover everything. I will post an updated picture of him soon and I will garuntee you will all see and agree that our baby is no longer baby but a little boy :(

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