Wednesday, October 17, 2012


This post is a little late this month but here is our little doll! A month old and it seems like it is flying by even faster than it did with Forrest (how is that even possible when it feels as though I merely blinked and my little baby boy was a toddler). She is such a great baby and doesn't seem to cry unless she's hungry, has a dirty diaper or has a little gas. She sleeps pretty well too and wakes typically 2 times a night to nurse and be changed then goes right back to sleep (knock on wood). We're still not on a routine or schedule yet but we didn't really even try to get do that with Forrest until 3 months so we'll get there. 
This little doll has made her mommy and daddy fill with even more love than we could have imagined. I will admit during pregnancy I was a little unsure how my heart could possibly love another person as much as I love Forrest. I love him with a love that completely consumes me and is indescribable. I even somewhat worried about this even though other mom's of 2 told me 'you just do". Well boy were they right. My heart must have doubled in size because the love I feel for this little girl and her big brother is - well it's just WOW! Those mom's were right, your heart is capable of more love and it won't burst (although when I see Forrest kissing her or looking at her with the happiest expression on his face or when he wakes up in the morning and the first thing he wants to do is rush into the room to see his sister and give her a kiss - well these are times I am sure my heart has come close to bursting right out of my chest because I have so much pride, love and joy it gives me goosebumps). 
Lilah - I think of the times we will share as mother and daughter. I think of playing barbies with you, having tea parties, dress up, taking you prom dress shopping, getting manicures and pedicures together, going wedding dress shopping and someday watching you become a mother. I also think of how you are going to make your father a nervous wreck-lol! And God help us all if you have eyes like your brother, those beautiful blues are going to make you a heartbreaker ;)
At your one month check up you were 22 inches long (85th percentile) and 8lbs 3oz (just below the 50th percentile). You love bath time and snuggling with your mommy. There are so many times you'll be snuggling with mommy and fall fast asleep and as soon as mommy lays you down in your bassinet, in your vibrating chair or with your daddy you wake up and are not so happy to have been moved. Mommy loves this but it definitely makes for difficult times for her to shower, do dishes, blog, etc. Mommy sometimes gets frustrated but then quickly reminds herself how short this time truly is and then savours the moments. You are not the greatest traveller yet. You hate your car seat with a passion and scream the minute we start to strap you up - it's stressful (especially on your dad). You are okay for the most part once we start moving but the minute we stop at construction, a stop light, etc you scream again. We are definitely hoping you out grow this before our first trip home to Nova Scotia. 
You started smiling at 3 weeks and not just because of gas - we noticed you would smile in reaction to our voice and touch. We gave you your first bottle of breast milk at 4 weeks and the first night it didn't go so well, the second night it went a little better and it has been hit or miss so far. We'll still try. We did give you a soother at exactly the one month mark and you are not such a fan yet. You do love to suck on your thumb which is cute now but I'd rather you have a soother because can take a soother away at some point. Like your brother was when he was your age, you are not a fan of the swaddle and put up a stink - but you sleep so much better in your swaddle blanket so we'll continue to go that route for now. 
As of now your favorite items are MOMMY! lol You like the Fisher Price vibrating chair but not really much else at this point. You just love to be held close to mommy. 
You don't like the soother, the swing, the car seat, nap time (lol). 
We love you so much Lilah and are so excited to watch you grow.

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Sarah :) said...

She is so beautiful. I am so happy you've updated the blog!! xo