Wednesday, October 17, 2012

WOW! Has it really been that long?!

Yep it has! I am a terrible blogger and I really hate to use the '2 kids' excuse but I think that's what we'll go with this time ;) Life has been busy - great but busy! Lilah is doing awesome! Forrest is still doing great with her and we are all adjusting pretty well. I'm tired but that comes with having a newborn - it's a given! We've had lots of visitors with plenty more on the way as well. Lots of people wanting to spend time with our family and we're really grateful for their company. We want everyone to meet our new addition but travelling home at this point is not in the cards so it's awesome that other's are coming to us. My mom just left on Monday after a long weekend visit. It is always nice to have her here and we really enjoyed her visit - Forrest really misses her as he is asking about her and last night at bedtime he laid in his bed singing "nannie, naaaaaannnnie" over and over again - lol! Makes me really hate living so far from family, my kids don't get to spend as much time with their grandparents as I wish they could. Luckily we get lots of visits. Mom is coming again in less than 4 weeks. My dad and Ivy are coming this weekend and then my in laws are coming the following weekend! Forrest will be in his element!!
This past Thanksgiving was the first one we didn't make it home for. We were disappointed but weren't ready to make the trip home with Lilah. Again, grateful for awesome family (or in this case friends that are practically family) we did not spend this holiday alone. When Erin heard we weren't coming home she packed her little family up, along with some thanksgiving yummies, and made the trek up to Saint John to spend part of the long weekend with us. It was a great visit and although it was a quick visit we sure did fit a lot in. They arrived Friday afternoon, and on Saturday we were up bright and early. John and Davey took the boys to the petting zoo, the park and then hockey rink then onto MacDonald's for lunch while Erin, Lilah and I stayed home to prepare the feast that was about to be Thanksgiving dinner. Erin and I cooked a turkey, all the fixings, some pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese icing for desert, took care of a newborn, fit in some apple picking and a quick photo shoot and still had dinner on the table by 6:30. It was a delicious dinner made better by the good friends we shared it with. So although we missed out on our traditional festivities, we managed to enjoy ourselves and eat well too ;) Erin and Davey left bright and Early Sunday morning to make it home for their families Thanksgiving festivities. We spent the rest of the weekend pretty relaxed and close to home and enjoyed a visit from Darcy, Sarah and Owen on Monday.
In other news I'm back to work - in a sense. I took some time off from photos before and after Lilah's birth. I took 3 weeks off before and 4 weeks off after her birth and am back at it. I've done 2 photo shoots and booked another and had another inquiry so slow and steady I'm back at it. It was very hard to leave Lilah but she is taking a bottle of expressed milk so that makes it easier. John and I also had our first date night while my mom was here. It was nice but in true typical parent fashion 75% of our date night conversations centered around the kids - haha!
Okay so I'll leave it at that and go off to post some weekly photos and Lilah's one month post.

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