Saturday, December 1, 2012

Our 1st Road-Trip as a Family of 4

We did it! We survived our first road trip as a family of 4. I'm not gonna lie - I was a little hesitant to be travelling the 4-5 hour journey home with 2 kids under 2. I was also beyond nervous to all be staying in  a small hotel room for 2 of those 4 nights we were home. And don't even get me started when it came to entertaining my toddler in said hotel room with limited toys and space. But we did it and I must say we did it well. I was so thrilled (albeit a little surprised) at how great it actually went. We got on the road early Friday and spent 2 night with my in laws in New Ross. We had lots of family and friends over to meet Lilah and visit with Forrest and we are so appreciative of the for making the trip to see us - it really means a lot. We had lots of fun out there and daddy and mommy enjoyed some sleep ins of course as Nanny and Granddad got up with Forrest each morning (something Forrest enjoyed as well). Sunday we headed in to Halifax with a stop at my Aunt's house for brunch. When we checked into the Westin hotel I'm pretty sure it looked as though we were moving in. We had the pack and play, the bassinet, 2 suitcases, a breast pump, a diaper bag, a ride on car toy, a play mat for Lilah, John's work stuff (laptop bag/brief case), double stroller, etc. All that for 2 nights - yep we are 'those' packers. We settled in for a bit and then went for a walk downtown to meet Uncle Kyle & Aunt Jaime for supper at a Thai Restaurant. Lilah slept through the entire meal (YAY) and Forrest had fun eating/playing with his pad thai noodles (one thing we are very lucky with is how good our boy is to eat - he loves all kinds of food which is awesome because if John and I are going out to dinner we prefer to go somewhere different and LOVE ethnic foods).
The first night was the true test - we put both kids to sleep a little later than usual at around 8-8:30ish and both went right to sleep and stayed asleep. John and I didn't even know what to do with ourselves. Both kids sound asleep and Lilah only woke up once (maybe twice - I can't remember now) to eat and go back to sleep. The next day John was up and out the door early for his meetings and so the kids and I got on the road early to. We went to Erin's so Forrest could play with his buddy Fisher and I could visit with my buddy Erin haha! Erin and I took the kids to the mall to shop around a bit and have some lunch then she went home for Fisher's nap while I drove to the Credit Union to visit my former work peeps. However, both kids were fast asleep before I was even out of the mall parking lots so I took a long (and quiet) drive to Mount Uniacke to see our old house before heading to the Credit Union. We got back to the hotel late afternoon and Erin, Davey and Fisher met us there as did John and we all went to supper together and for some super yummy cupcakes at the new shop downtown called 'Layers'. The second night was good but not nearly as great as the first. Forrest went to be pretty good (not as quick though) and Lilah was up quite a bit. John and I had high hopes that it would be as smooth sailing as the first night so we bought a small bottle of wine to have a glass when the kids went to bed but that didn't end up happening haha. When the kids were both asleep, I went out in the hall to call Erin and then when I came back in hubbs was sound asleep - at 8:30 lol. I just watched a little TV and hit the sack which was probably for the better anyway considering how many times I was up through the night that night.
Tuesday John was in meetings again all day so I met my Dad for a bit and then hung out at Erin's before picking him up and hitting the road for home. As great and as smooth as the trip went it sure was nice to be back home in our own house.

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