Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I'm Dreaming Of....

A night with our bed just to ourselves with no little feet in my face/neck/ribs/etc or no little baby sprawled out arms and legs taking up the majority of the bed with hubbs and I each half hanging off the edge of the bed for fear of rolling over or moving and waking the 4 month sleepless wonder that is our daughter. Do we think this is possible?! Why yes in about 12 years it just may be. We always start the night off with a kidless bed but by 4 or 5 am we usually have a little person joining us. If it's not one it's the other almost every single night.
Who am I kidding though? I kinda love it ;)
When we decide to add a third to the mix I am thinking a good investment may be a king size bed.

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